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  1. La Carlton House fue una mansión londinense que sirvió de hogar para el príncipe regente durante unas décadas. Se encontraba entre Pall Mall y The Mall, en el distrito St. James de la capital británica, al oeste de Trafalgar Square.

  2. Carlton House was a mansion in Westminster, best known as the town residence of King George IV. It faced the south side of Pall Mall, and its gardens abutted St James's Park [a] in the St James's district of London.

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    • Westminster
    • United Kingdom
    • London
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  4. Carlton House. Carlton House was a major renovation project of George IV before he became king and switched his attention to Buckingham Palace. Since the time of Henry VIII heirs to the throne had been awarded St James’s Palace as their London residence.

  5. 5 de dic. de 2020 · Carlton House, como hemos dicho, era la residencia del Príncipe regente desde 1783, una mansión palaciega de principios del S. XVIII que sería derruida en 1820 cuando el príncipe, ya convertido en rey Jorge IV, trasladó definitivamente su residencia a Buckingham Palace.

  6. 6 de feb. de 2016 · What was Carlton House? Carlton House was the London residence of George IV from 1783 to 1826. He spent an exorbitant amount of money remodelling and refurnishing it, but after becoming King, he decided it was inadequate for his needs.