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  1. Eleonore Charlotte Kettler, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern: 11 Jun 1686 28 Jul 1748 Ernest Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern, had issue Charles, Duke of Berry: 31 Jul 1686 5 May 1714 Louise Élisabeth of Orléans, had issue George Christian, 1st Fürst of Lobkowicz: 10 Aug 1686 4 Oct 1755

  2. Catherine II died two months later, on 17 November, and the marriage negotiations were continued by Alexandra Pavlovna's father and new Emperor Paul I of Russia. But in spite of all attempts, the main issue, the religion of Grand Duchess, was not settled, and the marriage negotiations were finally stopped.

  3. Life Early life. Christina was engaged to John, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in 1477.The year after, she traveled from Saxony to Warnemunde, where she was met by a Danish retinue who brought her Copenhagen Castle, where she was married to John on 6 September 1478.

  4. Catherine of Brandenburg-Küstrin: 28. Henry IV, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg: 14. Henry V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg: 29. Catherine of Pomerania, Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg: 7. Catherine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel: 30. Henry, Count of Württemberg: 15. Maria of Württemberg: 31. Eva von Salm

  5. Sophia of Nassau (Sophia Wilhelmine Marianne Henriette; 9 July 1836 – 30 December 1913) was Queen of Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Oscar II.She was Queen of Sweden for 35 years, longer than anyone before her, and the longest-serving queen until 2011, when she was surpassed by Queen Silvia.

  6. In 1432 the estates gained by the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel between the Deister and Leine split away as the Principality of Calenberg. To the north this new state bordered on the County of Hoya near Nienburg and extended from there in a narrow, winding strip southwards up the River Leine through Wunstorf and Hanover where it reached the Principality of Wolfenbüttel.

  7. Duchess Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel was born on 4 September 1729 in the town of Wolfenbüttel, the residence of the Brunswick Princes of Wolfenbüttel. She was the 11th child and 6th daughter of the Austrian field marshal Duke Ferdinand Albert of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Antoinette Amalie of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel . [2]