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  1. Hace 12 horas · Charles Edward's parents were Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, and Princess Helen of Waldeck and Pyrmont. His paternal grandparents were Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Charles Edward's father died before his son's birth. The boy was born in Surrey, in England, and brought up as a British prince.

  2. Hace 12 horas · United Kingdom portal. v. t. e. The history of the United Kingdom began in the early eighteenth century with the Treaty of Union and Acts of Union. The core of the United Kingdom as a unified state came into being in 1707 with the political union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland, [1] into a new unitary state called Great Britain.

  3. Hace 12 horas · Anne de Saint-Pol. Signature. Anne de Montmorency, duc de Montmorency ( c. 1493 – 12 November 1567) was a French noble, governor, royal favourite and Constable of France during the mid to late Italian Wars and early French Wars of Religion. He served under five French kings ( Louis XII, François I, Henri II, François II and Charles IX ).

  4. Hace 12 horas · Admiral of the Fleet Albert Victor Nicholas Louis Francis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma [1] [2] [n 1] (25 June 1900 – 27 August 1979) was a British statesman, naval officer, colonial administrator and close relative of the British royal family. He was born in the United Kingdom to the prominent Battenberg family.

  5. Hace 12 horas · Catholicism. Signature. Charles V [c] [d] (24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria from 1519 to 1556, King of Spain from 1516 to 1556, and Lord of the Netherlands as titular Duke of Burgundy from 1506 to 1555. He was heir to and then head of the rising House of Habsburg.

  6. Hace 12 horas · Camilla (born Camilla Rosemary Shand, later Parker Bowles, 17 July 1947) is Queen of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms as the wife of King Charles III. [note 1] Camilla was raised in East Sussex and South Kensington in England and educated in England, Switzerland, and France. In 1973, she married British Army officer ...

  7. Hace 12 horas · The Romani, also spelled Romany or Rromani ( / ˈroʊməni / ROH-mə-nee or / ˈrɒməni / ROM-ə-nee) and colloquially known as the Roma ( sg.: Rom ), are an ethnic group of Indo-Aryan origin [71] [72] [73] who traditionally lived a nomadic, itinerant lifestyle. Linguistic and genetic evidence suggests that the Romani originated in the Indian ...