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  1. 9 de may. de 2024 · Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd marquess of Rockingham was the prime minister of Great Britain from July 1765 to July 1766 and from March to July 1782. He led the parliamentary group known as Rockingham Whigs, which opposed Britain’s war (1775–83) against its colonists in North America.

  2. 1 de may. de 2024 · Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of, 1730-1782, Subjects Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of, 1730-1782 England > London > 1758 Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, 1809 or 10-1888 > Ownership Wavertree, Florence Lothrop Sheridan Walker, lady, 1872-1952 > Ownership

  3. 1 de may. de 2024 · noun. English statesman who served as prime minister and who opposed the war with the American colonies (1730-1782) synonyms: Rockingham, Second Marquis of Rockingham. see more. Cite this entry. Style: MLA. "Charles Watson-Wentworth." Dictionary,, Watson-Wentworth.

  4. 14 de may. de 2024 · Bloy, Marjorie (1986) Rockingham and Yorkshire : The political, economic and social role of Charles Watson-Wentworth, the second Marquis of Rockingham. PhD thesis, University of Sheffield. This list was generated on Tue May 14 01:28:22 2024 BST.

  5. 7 de may. de 2024 · Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of Rockingham (Whig Party) – Held two non-consecutive terms in 1765-1766 and 1782; successfully repealed the Stamp Act. 9. William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham (Whig Party) – Prime Minister from 1766 to 1768; shifted focus from European wars to expanding British territories overseas.

  6. Hace 2 días · This is a list of heads of state and government who died in office. In general, hereditary office holders (kings, queens, emperors, emirs, and the like) and holders of offices where the normal term limit is life (popes, presidents for life, etc.) are excluded because, until recently, their death in office was the norm.

  7. 24 de abr. de 2024 · 1. Who was the prime minister that signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact (Also called the Pact of Paris) in August 27th, 1928? Hint. Stanley Baldwin. Andrew Bonar Law. Ramsay MacDonald.