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  1. We are across the street from the Israeli Embassy and one block from the Hospital de Perinatologia on Prado Sur. Christ Church can be reached easily by public transport (Metro Auditorio) and is an easy walk from Paseo de la Reforma via westbound buses marked “Km 13” or “Santa Fe”.

  2. El Christ Church, es uno de los colleges más grandes que constituyen la Universidad de Oxford en Inglaterra. Además de ser un college, el Christ Church es la iglesia catedral de la Diócesis de Oxford, llamada Christ Church Catedral, Oxford. La catedral tiene un famoso coro de hombres y niños, y es una de las principales fundaciones corales de Oxford. Fue fundado como el Monasterio de St. Frideswide, Oxford; casa de monjes agustinos, pero fue desalojado por Enrique VIII de Inglaterra ...

    • Historia
    • Historia Eclesiástica
    • Arquitectura
    • Interior

    El debate político de la Reforma trajo consigo que un pequeño grupo de sacerdotes mexicanos pertenecientes a la iglesia católica romana apoyaran y defendieran públicamente los planteamientos liberales. Excomulgados, fundaron una iglesia independiente de la sede de Roma que tomaría el nombre de “Iglesia Episcopal Mexicana”. Desde sus inicios, esta o...

    Siglo XIX El establecimiento de la iglesia anglicana en México ocurrió a mediados del siglo XIX bajo el amparo de la libertad religiosa promulgada en las Leyes de Reforma y la constitución política de 1857, cuando los trabajadores británicos y norteamericanos de la industria minera y ferrocarrilera solicitaron la celebración del culto que les era p...

    Esta majestuosa construcción fue realizada en 1992y es obra de Carlos Mijares, quien se identifica por usar en sus composiciones la repetición casi lúdica de elementos como arcos, contrafuertes y en el laborioso diseño de distintas maneras para dejar entrar la luz. También es característico de su obra el uso de ladrillo, como puede verse en este te...

    Incorpora muchas citas del edificio anterior, incluidos los bancos, el atril de bronce y el altar. Una de las características notables del edificio son los retablos diseñados por el gran artista litúrgico inglés Charles Eamer Kemp. Fue instalado en la iglesia original de 1908y ahora cuelga detrás del altar del edificio actual. Está en forma de tríp...

  3. Christ Church - Wikipedia Christ Church Christ Church may refer to: Contents 1 Churches in Australia 1.1 New South Wales 1.2 Northern Territory 1.3 Queensland 1.4 South Australia 1.5 Victoria 2 Churches in Canada 3 Churches in India 4 Churches in Ireland 5 Churches in Israel 6 Churches in New Zealand 7 Churches in the United Kingdom 7.1 England

    • History
    • Organisation
    • Buildings and Grounds
    • Cathedral Choir
    • Picture Gallery
    • Coat of Arms
    • Graces
    • Student Life
    • People Associated with The College
    • Gallery

    In 1525, at the height of his power, Thomas Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England and Cardinal Archbishop of York, suppressed St Frideswide's Priory in Oxford and founded Cardinal College on its lands, using funds from the dissolution of Wallingford Priory and other minor priories. He planned the establishment on a magnificent scale, but fell from gra...

    Christ Church, formally titled "The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford of the Foundation of King Henry the Eighth", is the only academic institution in the world which is also a cathedral, the seat (cathedra) of the Bishop of Oxford. The Visitor of Christ Church is the reigning British sovereign (currently King Charles III...

    Christ Church sits in approximately 175 acres (71 hectares) of land. This includes the Christ Church Meadow (including Merton Field and Boathouse Island), which is open to the public all year round. In addition Christ Church own Aston's Eyot (purchased from All Souls College in 1891), Christ Church recreation ground (including the site of Liddell b...

    Christ Church is unique in that it has both a cathedral choir and a college choir. The cathedral choir comprises twelve adults and sixteen boys. The adults are made up of lay clerks and choral scholars, or academical clerks. The choir was all male until 2019, when they welcomed alto Elizabeth Nurse, the first female clerk of Christ Church Cathedral...

    Christ Church holds one of the most important private collections of drawings in the UK, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo. The collection is composed of approximately 300 paintings and 2,000 drawings, a rotated selection of which are available to the public for viewing in the purpose-built Christ Church Picture Gallery...

    College arms

    The college arms are those of Cardinal Wolsey and were granted to him by the College of Arms on 4 August 1525. They are blazoned: Sable, on a cross engrailed argent, between four leopards' faces azure a lion passant gules; on a chief or between two Cornish choughs proper a rose gules barbed vert and seeded or. The arms are depicted beneath a red cardinal's galero with fifteen tassels on either side, and sometimes in front of two crossed croziers.[citation needed]

    Cathedral arms

    There are also arms in use by the cathedral, which were confirmed in a visitation of 1574. They are emblazoned: "Between quarterly, 1st & 4th, France modern (azure three fleurs-de-lys or), 2nd & 3rd, England (gules in pale three lions passant guardant or), on a cross argent an open Bible proper edged and bound with seven clasps or, inscribed with the words In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat apud Deum and imperially crowned or."[citation needed]

    The college preprandialgrace reads: The first part of the grace is read by a scholar or exhibitioner before formal hall each evening, ending with the words Per Iēsum Christum Dominum nostrum ("Through Jesus Christ our Lord.") The remainder of the grace, replacing Per Iēsum Christum etc., is usually only read on special occasions.[citation needed] T...

    As well as rooms for accommodation, the buildings of Christ Church include the cathedral, one of the smallest in England, which also acts as the college chapel, a great hall, two libraries, two bars, and separate common rooms for dons, graduates and undergraduates. There are also gardens and a neighbouring sports ground and boat-house.[citation nee...


    Cardinal College 1. 1525: John Hygdon King Henry VIII's College 1. 1532: John Hygdon 2. 1533: John Oliver Christ Church


    1. Lewis Carroll, author 2. Anthony Eden, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 3. Edward VII, former King of the United Kingdom 4. William Gladstone, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 5. John Locke, philosopher and physician 6. Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer 7. John Wesley, cleric and theologian 8. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan Notable former students of the college have included politicians, scientists, philosophers, e...

    Peckwater Quad
    Cathedral vault and rose window
    Cathedral chancel vault
    Cathedral altar
    • Vacant
    • 1546; 476 years ago
    • £577.6 million (2019)
    • 432 (2017/2018)
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  5. Christ’s Church is a non-denominational Christian Church located in Jacksonville, Florida with campuses in Mandarin, Fleming Island, and River City on the Northside. Our lead pastor is Jason Cullum.

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