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  1. The Mexican Catholic Church, or Catholic Church in Mexico, is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, his Curia in Rome and the national Mexican Episcopal Conference. According to the Mexican census, Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in Mexico, practiced by 77.7% of the population in 2020.

  2. Katherine of England (Old English: Katerine; 25 November 1253 – 3 May 1257) was the fifth child of Henry III and his wife, Eleanor of Provence. According to 13th century chronicler Matthew Paris , when Katherine died she was deaf and may have had an intellectual disability , though it is unclear whether this is true.

  3. The LDS Church traces its origins to western New York state in the United States of America (USA) and was formally established by Joseph Smith in 1830. The church's early history was defined in part by its missionary activities and, due to the shared language, England was one of the earliest places to be proselytised.

  4. Mary Church Terrell’s father was married three times. His first marriage, to Margaret Pico Church, began in 1857, ended in 1862, and produced one child, Laura. Robert then married Louisa Ayers in 1862. Mary Church Terrell and her brother Thomas Ayres Church (1867–1937) were both products of this marriage, which ended in divorce.