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  1. Clara Petacci (Rome, 28 februari 1912 - Giulino di Mezzegra , 28 april 1945), ook wel Claretta en officieel Clarice Petacci, was de 29 jaar jongere vriendin en maîtresse van Benito Mussolini. Ze kwam uit een vooraanstaande familie in Rome , haar vader was medewerker van de paus op het Vaticaan .

  2. Clara (surnommée « Claretta ») Petacci, née le 28 février 1912 à Rome et morte le 28 avril 1945 à Giulino di Mezzegra (province de Côme), en Italie, est la maîtresse de Benito Mussolini. Biographie [ modifier | modifier le code ]

  3. Walter Audisio (Italian pronunciation: [ˈvalter auˈdisio]; 28 June 1909 – 11 October 1973) was an Italian communist partisan and politician. He was imprisoned during the late 1930s and early 1940s by the Italian fascist regime for his anti-fascist and anti-capitalist activities.

  4. Clara or Klara is a female given name. It is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus which meant "clear, bright, famous". Various early male Christian saints were named Clarus; the feminine form became popular after the 13th-century Saint Clare of Assisi (called Chiara in Italian), one of the followers of Saint Francis, who renounced her privileged background and founded the order of ...

  5. 31/03/2018 · Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci set out for Switzerland, intending to board a plane and escape to Spain. Two days later on 27 April, they were stopped near the village of Dongo (Lake Como) by communist partisans Valerio and Bellini and identified by the Political Commissar of the partisans' 52nd Garibaldi Brigade, Urbano Lazzaro.

  6. 28/04/2015 · Clara Petacci. Mussolini stormed out of the palace and fled Milan with his 33-year-old mistress, Clara Petacci, in the 1939 Alfa Romeo sport car he had bought as a gift for his girlfriend.

  7. 02/04/2022 · He took his mistress, Clara Petacci, and fled north where the pair joined a German convoy headed to the Swiss border. At least this way, Mussolini believed, he could live out his days in exile. He was wrong. Il Duce tried to wear a Nazi helmet and coat as a disguise in the convoy, but he was instantly recognized.

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