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  1. At approximately 4:16 p.m., while towing, Volage also struck a mine and sustained heavy damage. Both ships' bows were completely blown off and adverse weather conditions in the straits made the towing effort exceedingly difficult with both ships sailing stern-first, but after twelve hours of effort both ships managed to reach the Corfu harbour.

  2. Corfu of Korfoe (Grieks: Κέρκυρα, Kerkura/Kerkira/Kerkyra) is het noordelijkst gelegen Griekse eiland in de Ionische Zee.Het behoort met onder meer Zakynthos en Kefalonia tot de Ionische Eilanden in Griekenland.

  3. The Temple of Artemis is an Archaic Greek temple in Corfu, Greece, built in around 580 BC in the ancient city of Korkyra (or Corcyra), now called Corfu.It is found on the property of the Saint Theodore monastery, which is located in the suburb of Garitsa.