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  1. Kunigunde of Sternberg ( Czech: Kunhuta ze Šternberka; 18 November 1425, Konopiště – 19 November 1449, Poděbrady) was the first wife of George of Poděbrady, who later became King of Bohemia.

  2. Cunigunde of Luxembourg, OSB ( German: Kunigunde) ( c. 975 – 3 March 1033), also called Cunegundes, Cunegunda, and Cunegonda and, in Latin, Cunegundis [4] or Kinigundis, was Empress of the Holy Roman Empire by marriage to Holy Roman Emperor Henry II. She ruled as interim regent after the death of her spouse in 1024.

  3. 19 de ago. de 2023 · Cunégonde (Cunigunde) (June 19, 835). Her origin is not known, but Settipani suggests that she might have been a daughter of Heribert of Toulouse. If so, this accounts for the introduction of the name Héribert into the Carolingian royal family.

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    Kunigunde, Kunigunda, or Cunigunde, is a European female name of German origin derived from "kuni" (clan, family) and "gund" (war). [1] In Polish this is sometimes Kunegunda or Kinga. People with such names include: Kunigunde of Rapperswil (c. early 4th century), Christian saint.

  5. Cunigunda de Luxemburgo, OSB (alemán: Kunigunde) ( c. 975 – 3 Marzo de 1033), también llamada Cunegundes, Cunegunda y Cunegundas y, en latín, Cunegundis o . Kinigundis, fue emperatriz del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico por matrimonio con el emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico Enrique II.

  6. Cunegunda de Luxemburgo, OSB (hacia 975- Kaufungen, 3 de marzo de 1040) fue la esposa del emperador Enrique II. Es considerada santa de la Iglesia católica y patrona de Luxemburgo; su fiesta se celebra el 3 de marzo. Vida.

  7. Kunigunde Kunhuta ze Šternberka (Šternberk) aka von Sternberg (18 Nov 1422 - certain 19 Nov 1449)