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  1. Origins. Trebizond already had a long history of autonomous rule before it became the center of a small empire in the Late Middle Ages.Due to its natural harbours, defensible topography and access to silver and copper mines, Trebizond became the pre-eminent Greek colony on the eastern Black Sea shore soon after its founding.

  2. Manuel II Palaiologos was the second son of Emperor John V Palaiologos and his wife Helena Kantakouzene. Granted the title of despotēs by his father, the future Manuel II traveled west to seek support for the Byzantine Empire in 1365 and in 1370, serving as governor in Thessalonica from 1369.

  3. 03/09/2018 · Perhaps significantly, given future events, Boniface also had family connections with the Byzantine Empire, one of his brothers marrying the daughter of Byzantine emperor Manuel I (r. 1143-1180 CE) and another brother marrying the sister of the deposed Byzantine emperor Isaac II Angelos (r. 1185-1195 CE).

  4. 07/06/2008 · There are two Project Gutenberg sets produced by David Reed of the complete “History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon: the 1996 edition (PG #731-736) has the advantage of including all the foonotes by Gibbon and others; the 1997 edition (PG #890-895) was provided at that time only in html format and footnotes were not included in the first five volumes of this set.