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  1. Davide Rizzio o Davide Riccio ( Turín, c. 1533 - Edimburgo, 9 de marzo de 1566) fue un cortesano italiano, secretario privado de María Estuardo, reina de Escocia, y agente secreto del Papa Pío IV ante ella. Fue asesinado por una conspiración de nobles, que incluía al marido de la reina, Lord Darnley .

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    Rizzio was considered a good musician and excellent singer, which brought him to the attention of the cosmopolitan young queen. Towards the end of 1564, having grown wealthy under her patronage, he became the queen's secretary for relations with France, after the previous occupant of the post had retired.

  3. Davide Rizzio, o Davide Riccio (circa 1533-9 marzo 1566), fue un cortesano italiano, nacido cerca de Turín, descendiente de los condes de Riccio di San Paolo y Solbrito.

  4. 27/06/2018 · Rizzio, David ( c. 1533–66). Servant of Mary Stuart, brutally murdered in the presence of the pregnant queen by a group of conspirators including Mary's husband Darnley. Born in Turin, and arriving in Scotland in 1561 in the entourage of the Savoyard ambassador, Rizzio drew Mary's attention through his musicianship, but later acted as her ...

  5. 09/03/2016 · 9 March 1566 – Murder of David Rizzio 6 years ago Author: Claire Ridgway 27 Comments Man thought to be David Rizzio On this day in history, 9th March 1566, David Rizzio (Riccio), the private secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots, was stabbed to death in front of a heavily pregnant Queen Mary. But who was David Rizzio and what led to his murder?

  6. David Rizzio and Mary, Queen of Scots had known each other for approximately 5 years as they had met in 1561, after Mary's return to Scotland, until his death in 1566. David Rizzio was murdered on March 9 March 1566. Mary, Queen of Scots who was 7 months pregnant, was held at gunpoint and Rizzio was stabbed numerous times.

  7. David Rizzio, sometimes known as David Riccio, was the son of a musician in the Italian town of Turin. His musical skills led to his being retained by the Archbishop of Turin, then at the Court of Savoy. Rizzio first came to Scotland as a member of a diplomatic mission from Savoy in 1561.