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  1. Davide Rizzio o Davide Riccio ( Turín, c. 1533 - Edimburgo, 9 de marzo de 1566) fue un cortesano italiano, secretario privado de María Estuardo, reina de Escocia, y agente secreto del Papa Pío IV ante ella. Fue asesinado por una conspiración de nobles, que incluía al marido de la reina, Lord Darnley .

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    Rizzio (whose name appears in Italian records as David Riccio di Pancalieri in Piemonte) went first from Turin to the Court of the Duke of Savoy, then at Nice. However, finding no opportunities for advancement there, he found means in 1561 to get himself admitted into the train of the Count of Moretta, who was about to lead an embassy to Scotland.

  3. Davide Rizzio, o Davide Riccio (circa 1533-9 marzo 1566), fue un cortesano italiano, nacido cerca de Turín, descendiente de los condes de Riccio di San Paolo y Solbrito.

  4. David Rizzio, sometimes written as David Riccio or David Rizzo (c 1533 – 9 March 1566), was an Italian courtier, born close to Turin, a descendant of an ancient and noble family still living in Piedmont, the Riccio Counts di San Paolo e Solbrito, who rose to become the private secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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    Lord Bothwell is a prominent Scottish nobleman, with an infatuation for Mary Stuart. It is revealed in Coup de Grace that David is a homosexual, and used this as a leverage for Mary. However, his threat to Lord Ruthven was proved to be deadly, as Ruthven desperately wanted to seal the secret about his sexuality that he accused David of adultery and...

    David Rizzio was traveling from the Kingdom of Italy to the Kingdom of Scotland, after his cart broke he was captured by druids. Among them was Sebastian who forced him to deliver a message to Mary Stuart.

    In Unchartered Waters In Pulling Strings In A Better Man InDead of Night In The Shakedown In Coup de Grace Lord Ruthven, the Lord Treasurer was accepting bribes, and other financial wrongdoing. David Rizzio found some discrepancies in the privy council ledger. David had found proof that in addition to cheating The Crown, Ruthven was also swindling ...

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  5. Davide Rizzio, a veces escrito Davide Riccio o Davide Rizzo y francizado como David Rizzio, es un cortesano italiano nacido cerca de Turín alrededor de 1533 y muerto el 9 de marzo de 1566. Descendiente de una familia piamontesa de antigua nobleza, los Riccio, condes de San Paolo e Solbrito, ascendió para convertirse en el secretario privado de la reina de Escocia, Mary Stuart .

  6. 09/03/2016 · 9 March 1566 – Murder of David Rizzio 6 years ago Author: Claire Ridgway 22 Comments Man thought to be David Rizzio On this day in history, 9th March 1566, David Rizzio (Riccio), the private secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots, was stabbed to death in front of a heavily pregnant Queen Mary. But who was David Rizzio and what led to his murder?

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