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  1. Hace 3 días · Early life Charter of King George IV. A son of Queen Regnant Tamar and her consort David Soslan, George was declared as a coregent by his mother in 1207. According to the Georgian chronicles the second name Lasha meant 'illuminator of the world' in the language of Apsar (cf. a-lasha meaning light in Abkhaz language).

  2. Hace 4 días · Georgian troops under David Soslan made a sudden advance into Basiani and assailed the enemy's camp in 1203 or 1204. In a pitched battle, the Seljukid forces managed to roll back several attacks of the Georgians but were eventually overwhelmed and defeated.

  3. 11 de may. de 2024 · David gave up his Armenian queen for a Qipchak to promote his kingdom’s security interests, while Tamar’s consort, David Soslan, was an Ossetian.

  4. Hace 3 días · David Soslan 1189 two children Co-ruler with her father since 1178. Ruled in a period of political and military successes and cultural achievements, presiding the peak of the Georgian Golden Age. George IV the Resplendent (გიორგი IV ლაშა) c.1191 Son of David Soslan and Queen Tamar: 1213–1223 18 January 1223 ...

  5. 4 de may. de 2024 · G. Kotaev, B. Sanakoev and U. Gassiev. Queen Tamar and Soslan-David Queen Tamar (Tamara) is certainly the most famous and popular character in Georgian history. She was and is called “Sunny Face”. Other epithets and comparisons were also used, for example, “Crown of all kings”, “sun to sun”

  6. 30 de abr. de 2024 · David IV (born 1073—died 1125) was the king of Georgia (1089–1125). Sometimes known as David II, he became co-ruler with his father, Giorgi II, in 1089. David defeated the Turks in the Battle of Didgori (1122) and captured Tbilisi. Under his leadership, Georgia became the strongest state in Caucasia.

  7. 6 de may. de 2024 · It must be said that Tamara’s second husband, David Soslan, did not have any special talents as a statesman. According to the general opinion of all researchers, it was Tamara who was the main one in this couple, and even her title sounded like “mepe” - king, and not “dedopali” (“king’s wife”).