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  1. David Soslan fue un miembro de la casa real de Alania (Ovseti o Oseti en el fuentes georgianas), un reino cristiano ortodoxo en el Cáucaso septentrional con un histórico de matrimonios con la dinastía Bagrationi de Georgia. 2 . Un cronista anónimo de la época de Jorge IV Lasha (hijo de Tamar y David Soslan; 1212–1223), adscribe a Soslan una ...

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    David Soslan ( Georgian: დავით სოსლანი, romanized: davit soslani) (died 1207) was a prince from Alania and second husband of Queen Tamar, whom he married in c. 1189. He is chiefly known for his military exploits during Georgia's wars against its Muslim neighbors. Contents 1 Name 2 Origins 3 Marriage 4 References 5 Sources Name [ edit]

    • Origins
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    David Soslan's genealogy suggested by Prince Vakhushti.

    David Soslan was a member of the royal house which ruled Alania (Ovseti or Oseti in the Georgian sources; hence, the modern designation of Ossetia), an Orthodox Christian kingdom in the North Caucasus, and frequently intermarried with the Bagrationi dynasty of Georgia. An anonymous chronicler, writing during the reign of George IV Lasha (son of Tamar and David Soslan; 1212–1223), ascribes to Soslan a Bagratid ancestry. A version of his Bagr

    A coin issued in the name of Tamar and David in 1200

    Tamar married David Soslan at the Didube Palace near Tbilisi between 1187 and 1189 after she divorced her first husband, the Rus' prince Yuri Bogolyubsky. As the Armenian chronicler Mkhitar Gosh reports in his Ishatarakan ("Memorabilia"), Tamar "married a man from the Alan kingdom, her relative on the mother’s side, whose name was Soslan, named David upon his ascension to the throne".

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    David Soslan(en georgiano, დავით სოსლანი) (?-1207) fue un príncipe de Alaniay segundo marido de la reina de Tamar de Georgia, desde 1189. Es principalmente conocido por sus proezas militares durante las guerras de Georgia contra sus vecinos musulmanes. Orígenes[editar]

  4. 30/04/2022 · David Soslan (Georgian: დავით სოსლანი) (died 1207) was a prince from Alania and second husband of Queen Tamar, whom he married in c. 1189. He is chiefly known for his military exploits during Georgia’s wars against its Muslim neighbors. David Soslan's genealogy suggested by Prince Vakhushti.

    • estimated between 1128 and 1188
    • June 10, 2020
    • circa 1207
    • Caspian Jamshid Bernard Chaikar ...
  5. David Soslan died in 1207. His remains were discovered in the 1970’s in the chapel of Nuzal, North Ossetia. Using the skull structure, Russian scientist-gerontologist Herasimova created a mug shot sculpture of David Soslan. Translated by Dzera Koutchieva . Additional information (in Russian):

  6. David Soslan (d.o.b. unknown-1207) feuded with the neighboring Muslims due to reiligious differences. He wound up marrying Queen Tamar of Georgia, thereby making him the king. During his reign, he led Georgian raids, conquering territories throughout the Muslim world, including Barda,Ganga, and others. He later defeated the Ildegizids of Azerbaijan ...