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  1. hace 3 días · De jure segregation mandated the separation of races by law, and was the form imposed by slave codes before the Civil War and by Black Codes and Jim Crow laws following the war. De jure segregation was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

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    hace 3 días · 1 This map was compiled according to the Wikipedia list of countries by system of government. See there for sources. 2 Several states constitutionally deemed to be multiparty republics are broadly described by outsiders as authoritarian states. This map presents only the de jure form of government, and not the de facto degree of democracy.

  3. hace 2 días · The fall of the Western Roman Empire is dated either from the de facto date of 476, when Romulus Augustulus was deposed by the Germanic Herulians led by Odoacer, or the de jure date of 480, on the death of Julius Nepos, when Eastern emperor Zeno ended recognition of a separate Western court.

  4. hace 2 días · A Russian movement of conspiracy theorists, known among other names as the Union of Slavic Forces of Russia (Soyuz slavyanskikh sil Rusi), or more informally as "Soviet Citizens", holds that the Soviet Union still exists de jure and that the current Russian government and legislation are thus illegitimate.

  5. hace 3 días · The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 gave the Welsh language official status in Wales, making it the only language that is de jure official in any part of the United Kingdom, with English being de facto official. Both the Welsh and English languages are de jure official languages of the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd. According to the 2011 census

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    hace 3 días · Slovenia is the third most-forested country in Europe, [121] with 58.3% of the territory covered by forests. [122] The forests are an important natural resource, and logging is kept to a minimum. [123] In the interior of the country are typical Central European forests, predominantly oak and beech.

  7. 24/11/2022 · JURE, Tomás (q.e.p.d.) Oscar Castillo lamenta profundamente fallecimiento de padre de estimado Dr. Tomas Jure (h.) y eleva oraciones por su alma.