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  1. In private Nicholas expressed his admiration for the mobs, viewing anti-Semitism as a useful tool for unifying the people behind the government; however in 1911, following the assassination of Pyotr Stolypin by the Jewish revolutionary Dmitry Bogrov, he approved of government efforts to prevent anti-Semitic pogroms. Bloody Sunday (1905)

  2. After the revolution subsided, he was able to bring economic growth back to Russia's industries, a period which lasted until 1914. But Stolypin's efforts did nothing to prevent the collapse of the monarchy, nor seemed to satisfy the conservatives. Stolypin died from a bullet wound by a revolutionary, Dmitry Bogrov, on 5 September 1911.

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    The Okhrana became notorious for its agents provocateurs, including Jacob Zhitomirsky (born 1880, a leading Bolshevik and close associate of Vladimir Lenin), Yevno Azef (1869–1918), Roman Malinovsky (1876–1918) and Dmitry Bogrov (1887–1911).

  4. Minister of the Interior Dmitry Sipyagin was assassinated in the Marinsky Theatre. Stepan Balmashov: 28 April – 1 May 1903 Bombings 0 (+4) Thessaloniki, Ottoman Empire: Members of the Boatmen of Thessaloníki, a Bulgarian anarchist group, carried out a series of bombings in Thessaloniki. Boatmen of Thessaloníki: 18 May 1904: Kidnapping 0 2 ...