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  1. Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachov ( Russian: Дми́трий Серге́евич Лихачёв, also Dmitri Likhachev or Likhachyov; 28 November [ O.S. 15 November] 1906 – 30 September 1999) was a Russian medievalist, linguist, and Gulag survivor. During his lifetime, Likhachov was considered the world's foremost scholar of the Old Russian language and its literature .

    • Vera, Lyudmila
    • Medievalist, linguist, writer
  2. Among WRITERS In Russia Dmitry Likhachov Dmitry Sergeyevich Likhachov (Russian: Дми́трий Серге́евич Лихачёв, also Dmitri Likhachev or Likhachyov; 28 November [O.S. 15 November] 1906 – 30 September 1999) was a Russian medievalist, linguist, and a former labor camp prisoner.

    • The Lessons of Solovki
    • War, Siege and Human Nature
    • A New Spiritual Leader

    It was in Solovki that he first realized what death meant. Death came very close when his parents came to visit him in the camps. Likhachov found himself on the list of those prisoners whom the prison authorities had been given the right to execute “as a warning” for the others. Having been tipped off, Likhachov did not return to his barracks that ...

    After being released from the camps in 1932, Likhachov found a job as a proofreader. "Time misplaced me,” he recalled half a century later. “When I could do something, I was sitting twiddling my thumbs as a proofreader, whereas now, when I get tired so easily, it inundates me with work." In 1938, he started working at the Russian Academy of Science...

    The ascent of Likhachov’s star is generally associated with the talk he gave at the Ostankino TV studio in 1986 (as part of a cycle called "Russia's outstanding writers" – RBTH). It was more than just a talk given by a famous academic. On that day, the country discovered a new spiritual leader. Or – to be more precise – a new type of a spiritual le...

    • Eugene Vodolazkin
  3. 30/09/1999 · Dmitry Likhachov gained world recognition as a theorist of culture and as a publicist. In the 1980s he developed a concept that considered the problems of humanization and the reorientation of educational goals and ideas. The scientist viewed culture as a historical memory, as a process of accumulation, rather than consecutive changes.

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    Dmitry Likhachyov’s personality is symbolic of Russian culture of the 20th century. He was an intellectual who survived a Soviet labor camp; one of Russia’s most outstanding scientists and a notable public figure, who managed to preserve his moral values and strength of mind throughout his life. Dmitry Likhachyov was born in Saint Petersburg. From ...

    A minor planet 2877 Likhachev discovered in 1969 by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Chernykh is named after him.

    1952 - Stalin Prize
    1963 - Elected to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    1964 - Honorary doctorate of the Torun University
    1964 - Honorary doctorate of the Oxford University
    1942 - Defense of Old Russian Towns
    1945 - National Self-Consciousness of Ancient Rus
    1947 - Russian Chronicles and Their Cultural Significance
    1950 - The Tale of Bygone Years(2 volumes)
  4. 30/09/1999 · Dmitry Likhachov was born on November 28, 1906 in St. Petersburg. He started studying at the Gymnasium of Imperial Philanthropic Society, later moved to the Karl May School and finally got secondary education at the L. Lentovskaya Soviet Labor School in 1923.

  5. 17/02/2019 · Dmitry likhachev, nació en 1906 en san petersburgo, en la familia intelectual de la abundancia modesta. Recibió un clásico de la educación secundaria, y siguió la ruta de acceso a los conocimientos de filología de la oficina de la facultad de ciencias sociales de la universidad de leningrado,.