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  1. Louis Ernest de Brunswick-Lüneburg-Bevern (25 de septiembre de 1718, Wolfenbüttel - 12 de mayo de 1788, Eisenach ) fue un mariscal de campo en los ejércitos del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico y la República Holandesa , el elegido duque de Curlandia (1741).

  2. Louis Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Bevern (25 September 1718, Wolfenbüttel – 12 May 1788, Eisenach) was a field-marshal in the armies of the Holy Roman Empire and the Dutch Republic, the elected Duke of Courland (1741). From 13 November 1750 to 1766 he was the Captain-General of the Netherlands, where he was known as the Duke of Brunswick or (to distinguish him from his eldest brother ...

  3. Louis Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Bevern was a field-marshal in the armies of the Holy Roman Empire and the Dutch Republic, the elected Duke of Courland.

  4. George is clearly conscious of the wider European context and he regularly receives reports from Sir Joseph Yorke on William V, Prince of Orange and the prince’s mentor Duke Louis Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg (also a relative of George III by marriage).

  5. Duke Louis Ernest of Brunswick-Lüneburg was born on September 25 1718, in Wolfenbüttel, to Princess Antoinette of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Duke passed away on May 12 1788, at age 69 in Eisenach. Ludwig, Duke Of BRUNSWICK, Circa 1336 - Circa 1367 Ludwig, Duke Of BRUNSWICK 1336 1367

  6. Ernest Augustus, (born Nov. 20, 1629, Herzberg am Harz Castle, Hanover [Germany]—died Jan. 23, 1698, Herrenhausen Castle), duke (from 1679) and elector (from 1692) of Hanover, father of George Louis, who became George I, king of Great Britain. The Protestant bishop of Osnabrück from 1661, Ernest Augustus succeeded his elder brother as ruler of the duchy of Lüneburg-Calenburg (which became ...

  7. John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1625–1679), Prince of Calenberg from 1665-1679. Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1628–1685), who married King Frederick III of Denmark . Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover (1629–1698), Prince of Calenberg from 1679-1698, and father of King George I of Great Britain.