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  1. Duke William of Württemberg (German: Wilhelm Nikolaus Herzog von Württemberg; 20 July 1828 – 5 November 1896) was an Austrian and Württemberg General.

  2. House. Württemberg. Father. Duke Friedrich of Württemberg. Mother. Princess Marie of Wied. Religion. Catholic. Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albert Nikolaus Erich Maria Herzog von Württemberg (born 13 August 1994) is the head of the House of Württemberg and a German businessperson.

  3. This is a list of monarchs of Württemberg, containing the Counts, Dukes, Electors, and Kings who reigned over different territories named Württemberg from the beginning of the County of Württemberg in the 11th century to the end of the Kingdom of Württemberg in 1918. Counts and Dukes of Württemberg. House of Württemberg.

  4. Duke Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albert Nikolaus Erich Maria (born Ravensburg, 13 August 1994), succeeded Carl as Head of the House of Württemberg in 2022; Duchess Marie Amélie Diane Katharina Beatrix Philippa Sophie (born Ravensburg, 12 March 1996), married in 2023 Baron Franz-Ferdinand von Feilitzsch (born Tegernsee, 21 ...

  5. Frederick I ( German: Friedrich Wilhelm Karl; 6 November 1754 – 30 October 1816) was the ruler of Württemberg from 1797 to his death. He was the last Duke of Württemberg from 1797 to 1803, then the first and only Elector of Württemberg from 1803 to 1806, before raising Württemberg to a kingdom in 1806 with the approval of Napoleon I.

  6. Duke William Frederick Philip of Württemberg (27 December 1761, in Stettin – 10 August 1830, in Schloss von Stetten im Remstal) was a prince of the House of Württemberg and a minister for war.

  7. All branches descend from Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg (1732–1797). Succession is on the basis of Agnatic primogeniture. The first branch descends from Frederick I of Württemberg. This branch became extinct at the death of William II of Württemberg in 1921.