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  1. Carl, Duke of Württemberg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Carl Maria Peter Ferdinand Philipp Albrecht Joseph Michael Pius Konrad Robert Ulrich Herzog von Württemberg (born 1 August 1936) is the current head of the House of Württemberg. His heir-apparent is his grandson Wilhelm. Contents 1 Life 2 Marriage and issue 3 Dynastic honours

  2. Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg. Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg (Albrecht Maria Alexander Philipp Joseph; 23 December 1865 – 31 October 1939) was the last Württemberger crown prince, a German military commander of the First World War, and the head of the House of Württemberg from 1921 to his death.

    • Overview
    • Early life
    • In exile
    • Restoration

    Duke Ulrich of Württemberg succeeded his kinsman Eberhard II as Duke of Württemberg in 1498. He was declared of age in 1503. His volatile personality made him infamous, being called the "Swabian Henry VIII" by historians.

    Duke Ulrich was born 8 February 1487 and his mother died in his birth. His father, Henry, Count of Württemberg, was mentally deranged, likely as a result of his three-year imprisonment by Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy, was banished to Hohenurach Castle in the County of Urach, and his only guardian died when he was nine years of age. He served t...

    Ulrich passed some time in Switzerland, France and Germany, occupied with brigand exploits and in service under Francis I of France; but he never lost sight of the possibility of recovering Württemberg and about 1523 he announced his conversion to the reformed faith. His opportunity came with the outbreak of the German Peasants' War. Posing as the ...

    In January of that year Francis I had definitely promised assistance; the Swabian league had just been dissolved; and, after a manifesto had been issued by Ulrich and Philip justifying the proposed undertaking, Württemberg was invaded in April 1534. Charles V and his brother, the German king, Ferdinand I, could send but little assistance to their l...

  3. Ulrich, (born Feb. 8, 1487, Reichenweier, Alsace—died Nov. 6, 1550, Tübingen, Württemberg), duke of Württemberg (1498–1519, 1534–50), a prominent figure in the German religious Reformation. A grandson of Ulrich V, count of Württemberg, he succeeded his kinsman Eberhard II as duke of Württemberg in 1498, being declared of age in 1503.

  4. Main article: Electorate of Württemberg In 1803, the Duke of Württemberg was raised to the rank of Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1806, the Empire was dissolved, and the Elector of Württemberg became an independent monarch with the title of King. v t e Electors of the Holy Roman Empire from 1356 to 1806 Kings of Württemberg, 1806–1918

  5. La duquesa Isabel de Wurtemberg fue una aristócrata alemana, miembro de la rama católica de la casa de Wurtemberg. Fue duquesa de Wurtemberg de nacimiento y princesa de las Dos Sicilias por matrimonio; su difunto esposo fue el Jefe de la Casa Real de las Dos Sicilias de acuerdo a las leyes dinásticas de la familia.