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  1. Finally on 14 December 1482 Eberhard reunified the two halves of Württemberg, Württemberg-Urach and Württemberg-Stuttgart, in the Treaty of Münsingen, with his cousin Eberhard VI of Württemberg-Stuttgart, later the second duke. He moved the capital to Stuttgart. In the same year, Pope Sixtus IV awarded him the Golden Rose.

  2. Soldier. After serving with Frederick the Great during the Seven Years' War, he took up residence in 1769 at his family's exclave, the County of Montbéliard, of which he was also made lieutenant-general in March 1786 by his eldest brother, Charles Eugene, Duke of Württemberg, who had begun to come into the inheritance of portions of the County of Limpurg in the 1780s.

  3. 26/07/2022 · Ivaylo Schalafoff, the Executive Director of the King Boris and Queen Giovanna Royal Heritage Fund, has announced that Duke Eugen of Württemberg died this afternoon (26 July), aged ninety-one. Eugen was a first cousin of the late Duke Carl of Württemberg, the Head of the Royal House, as well as first cousin of King Simeon II of Bulgaria.

  4. Württemberg, former German state, successively a countship, a duchy, a kingdom, and a republic before its partition after World War II. Its territory approximated the central and eastern areas of present-day Baden-Württemberg (q.v.) Land (state), of Germany. For the last period of its separate existence, Württemberg was bounded northeast and east by Bavaria, southeast by Bavaria and Lake ...

  5. 1796: Gegen die Zusicherung einer späteren Entschädigung tritt Württemberg seinen linksrheinischen Besitz Mömpelgard im Pariser Frieden an Frankreich ab. 1804: Napoleon 1804: In einer geheimen Note fordert Napoleon Bonaparte von Kaiser Franz II. die Anerkennung als Kaiser der Franzosen und stellt dafür im Gegenzug die Anerkennung eines österreichischen Erbkaisertums in Aussicht.