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  1. Edwin's father, Edward, died after Edwin's first year at Harvard. Edwin returned to Harvard for a second year, but it was to be his last one as a student there. Though short, his stay in Cambridge included some of his most cherished experiences, and there he made his most lasting friendships. He wrote his friend Harry Smith on June 21, 1893:

  2. Lucio Aurelio Cómodo [a] (31 de agosto de 161-31 de diciembre de 192) fue el último emperador de la dinastía Antonina.Gobernó con el nombre de Emperador César Marco Aurelio Cómodo Antonino Augusto [b] desde el 17 de marzo del año 180 hasta su muerte, [c] aunque había sido asociado al trono ya en el año 177 al recibir el título de augusto.

  3. Edward Arlington Robinson was born on December 22, 1869 in Head Tide, Maine. Although he was one of the most prolific American poets of the early 20th… Although he was one of the most prolific American poets of the early 20th century—and his Collected Poems (1921) won the first Pulitzer Prize ever awarded to poetry—he is remembered now for a few short poems.

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    Unter den Karolingern wurde Treviso im 9. Jahrhundert zur Hauptstadt einer Mark mit eigener Münzzeche. 777 wurde Fortunatus Bischof, der sich auf die Seite der Franken stellte und den byzantinischen Einfluss bekämpfte. 815 wird in einer Urkunde Ludwigs des Frommen erstmals eine Grafschaft Treviso erwähnt, Fortunatus musste 820 ins Exil gehen.

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    1883 – Edward FitzGerald, English poet and author (b. 1809) 1886 – Alexander Ostrovsky, Russian director and playwright (b. 1823) 1898 – Dewitt Clinton Senter, American politician, 18th Governor of Tennessee (b. 1830) 1901–present

  6. Fortunatus Count of Oldenburg r. 1403-1440 1398-1440: Christian VI Count of Oldenburg r. 1403-1421: Christian I King of Denmark r. 1448-1481 King of Norway r. 1450-1481 King of Sweden r. 1457-1464 1426-1481: Gerhard VI Count of Oldenburg r. 1450-1482 1430-1500: Kings of Denmark: Adolph Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst r. 1482-1500 before 1463 ...

  7. Get free homework help on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes.