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  1. Hace 6 días · Almost immediately the property was granted to Edward Seymour, earl of Hertford and later duke of Somerset. After his execution and attainder in 1552 his estates were forfeited, but were restored to his son Edward (cr. earl of Hertford 1559, d. 1621) in 1554.

  2. Hace 3 días · The manor was held by the Crown until 1547 when it was granted to Edward Seymour, duke of Somerset (d. 1552). It was briefly resumed by the Crown in 1550. Seymour's son Edward, later earl of Hertford, successfully claimed some of his late father's lands and was confirmed in possession of Meare in 1582.

  3. Hace 5 días · As Edward was only nine years old at the time of his accession, his government was initially controlled by regents, including his uncle, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, and later John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. During Edwards reign, Protestant reforms were aggressively pursued.

  4. Hace 4 días · The holding descended, with West Bower in Bridgwater, to Edward Seymour, duke of Somerset, on whose attainder in 1552 it reverted to the Crown. It was granted in 1553 to Thomas Sydney and Nicholas Halswell and descended with Halswell in Goathurst until 1746 when most of the land was sold to Edmund Jeane (d. 1754).

  5. Hace 4 días · El Duque de Somerset, el regente mientras la minoría de edad de Eduardo VI, apoyó la Reforma, aunque la llegada al trono de la reina María Tudor, esposa de Felipe II, desató una dura...

  6. Hace 4 días · In 1547, after the death of Henry VIII, forces under the English regent Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset were victorious at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, followed up by the occupation of the strategic lowland fortress of Haddington.

  7. Hace 1 día · Thomas Cromwell Portrait of Thomas Cromwell, Hans Holbein the Younger (1532–1533) Lord Great Chamberlain In office 17 April 1540 – 10 June 1540 Monarch Henry VIII Preceded by John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford Succeeded by Robert Radcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex Governor of the Isle of Wight In office 2 November 1538 – 10 June 1540 Monarch Henry VIII Preceded by Sir James Worsley Succeeded ...