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  1. Elena Pavlovna (Russian: Великая Княжна Елена Павловна; 24 December 1784 [OS 13 December] – 24 September 1803) was born a grand duchess of Russia as the daughter of Paul I, Emperor of all the Russias and later became the Hereditary Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin as the wife of Frederick Louis of Meclenburg-Schwerin (1778–1819).

  2. El salón de Ana Pavlovna comenzaba a llenarse paulatinamente. La alta sociedad de San Petersburgo afluía a él, es decir, las más diversas personas por la edad y por el carácter, pero todas pertenecientes en absoluto al mismo medio: la hija del príncipe Basilio, la bella Elena, que venía en busca de su padre para acompañarlo a la fiesta que

  3. Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia (29 January 1882 – 13 March 1957), sometimes known as Helen, Helena, Helene, Ellen, Yelena, Hélène, or Eleni, was the only daughter and youngest child of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia and Duchess Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

  4. Maria Pavlovna spent her childhood in the Pavlovsk Palace and the Great Gatchina Palace. As a child, she was not considered pretty as her face had been disfigured as a result of being variolated . She was a talented pianist, for which her paternal grandmother, Catherine the Great (1729–1796) admired her, even though she thought that Maria Pavlovna would have been better off had she been born ...

  5. Anna Pavlovna Romanova, (in russo Анна Павловна) (San Pietroburgo, 18 gennaio 1795 – L'Aia, 1º marzo 1865), è stata granduchessa di Russia e regina dei Paesi Bassi come consorte di Guglielmo II dei Paesi Bassi

  6. Early life and career. Marius Petipa was born Victor Marius Alphonse Petipa in Marseilles, France on 11 March 1818.His mother, Victorine Grasseau, was a tragic actress and teacher of drama, while his father, Jean-Antoine Petipa, was among the most renowned Ballet Masters and pedagogues in Europe.

  7. They also took Russian names — of the 17 converts: four took patronyms using their fathers' names, eight took Fyodorovna (after the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God), three took Alexeievna, one Alexandrovna (her husband's name) and one Pavlovna (her husband's patronym, the late Paul I); eight also changed their own given name.