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    Eleanor of Champagne (1102–1147), in 1125 became the first wife of Ralph I, Count of Vermandois, who was displaced by Eleanor of Aquitaine's sister Petronilla of Aquitaine, leading to war (1142–44) in Champagne. Variants. Brittany: Azenor; English: Eleanor, Elinor; Estonian: Eleonoora, Ellinor

  2. 26/01/2022 · Prince Louis was sent to Bordeaux with an escort of 500 knights, as well as Abbot Suger, Count Theobald II of Champagne and Count Ralph of Vermandois. Louis arrived in Bordeaux on 11 July, and the next day, accompanied by the Archbishop of Bordeaux, Geoffrey de Lauroux (in whose keeping Eleanor and Petronilla had been left), the couple were married in the Cathedral of Saint-André in Bordeaux.

  3. Eleanor (c. 1122 – 1 April 1204; French: Aliénor d'Aquitaine, pronounced [aljenɔʁ dakitɛn]) was Queen of France from 1137 to 1152 as the wife of King Louis VII, Queen of England from 1154 to 1189 as the wife of King Henry II, and Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right from 1137 until her death in 1204.

  4. Cuprins mută în bara laterală ascunde Început 1 Educație 2 Delfină a Franței 3 Regină a Franței Toggle Regină a Franței subsection 3.1 Revoluția franceză 4 Referiri la Maria Antoaneta în artă 5 Arbore genealogic 6 Note 7 Bibliografie 8 Legături externe Toggle the table of contents Maria Antoaneta, regină a Franței 90 limbi Afrikaans Alemannisch العربية مصرى ...

  5. 1.1 Six maréchaux sous Philippe II Auguste, de 1180 à 1223. 1.2 Huit maréchaux sous Louis IX, saint Louis, de 1226 à 1270. 1.3 Quatre maréchaux sous Philippe III le Hardi, de 1270 à 1285

  6. Elisabeth of France or Isabella of Bourbon (22 November 1602 – 6 October 1644) was Queen of Spain from 1621 to her death and Queen of Portugal from 1621 to 1640, as the first spouse of King Philip IV & III.

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    Contents move to sidebar hide Début 1 Géographie Afficher / masquer la sous-section Géographie 1.1 Description 1.2 Communes limitrophes 1.3 Hydrographie 1.3.1 Climat 2 Urbanisme Afficher / masquer la sous-section Urbanisme 2.1 Typologie 2.2 Occupation des sols 2.3 Morphologie urbaine 2.4 Habitat et logement 2.5 Voies de communication et transports 2.6 Projets d'aménagement 2.6.1 Le Canal ...