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  1. In 1988, historian Brigitte Hamann wrote The Reluctant Empress: A Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, reviving interest in Franz Joseph's consort. Unlike previous portrayals of Elisabeth as a one-dimensional fairy tale princess, Hamann portrayed her as a bitter, unhappy woman full of self-loathing and suffering from various emotional and mental disorders.

  2. Archduchess Elisabeth, nicknamed 'Erzsi', was born at Schloss Laxenburg on 2 September 1883 to Crown Prince Rudolf and Stéphanie, daughter of King Leopold II of Belgium. She was named after her grandmothers, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium. Erzsi was Franz Joseph's only grandchild through his son.

  3. Isabel de Baviera (en alemán: Elisabeth Amelie Eugenie Herzogin in Bayern; [nota 1] Múnich, 24 de diciembre de 1837-Ginebra, 10 de septiembre de 1898) fue una princesa bávara conocida por haber sido emperatriz de Austria (1854-1898) y reina consorte de Hungría (1867-1898), entre otros muchos títulos inherentes a la Casa de Habsburgo-Lorena.

  4. Isabel de Austria (en alemán: Elisabeth von Österreich; en francés: Élisabeth d'Autriche; Viena, 5 de julio de 1554-ibidem, 22 de enero de 1592) fue una archiduquesa de Austria, hija del emperador Maximiliano II del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico y de María de Austria y Portugal, infanta de España.

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    Elisabeth was reported to be distraught and close to a breakdown after a British paparazzo had burst into her kitchen and started taking photographs. After the trial, Elisabeth and her six children were moved to an unnamed village in northern Austria, where they were living in a fortress-like house. All of the children require ongoing therapy.

  6. Elisabeth of Austria (5 July 1554 – 22 January 1592) was Queen of France from 1570 to 1574 as the wife of King Charles IX. A member of the House of Habsburg , she was the daughter of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor , and Maria of Spain .

  7. 30/09/2022 · Bathing yourself in olive oil or washing your hair with a combination of eggs and cognac may seem like a bit of an odd beauty trend in 2022 (or maybe not, if you consider the latest TikTok trends), but in 1880s Austria, such treatments were beloved - nay obsessed over - by ‘beauty queen’ Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary.