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  1. Elisabeth Pepys was the wife of Samuel Pepys, whom she married in 1655, shortly before her fifteenth birthday. Her father, Alexandre Marchant de St Michel, was born a French Roman Catholic but later converted to the Church of England. He married Dorothea, a daughter of Sir Francis Kingsmill, in Ireland. Elizabeth was born at or around Bideford in Devon on 23 October 1640. She died of typhoid on 10 November 1669. Elisabeth was a second cousin once removed of the writer Anne Finch ...

    • Elisabeth de St Michel, 23 October 1640, Bideford, Devon, England
    • St Olave's, London, England
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    Elizabeth Pepys, as beautifully depicted by artist James Thomson, after John Hayls here, as “immortalized” at St. Olave’s here and eulogized here, was the wife of Samuel Pepys. She was the daughter of Alexandre and Dorothea St. Michel, and a sister to Balty. Elizabeth was born 23 October 1640 at or around Bideford. Details of her childhood and life...

    Elizabeth’s role in the Diary is seen solely through the eyes of Sam as none of her letters survive. The marriage was not “smooth” for either of them. Periods of jealousy appeared on both sides. Sam was unfaithful to Elizabeth and although there was no indication that she was ever unfaithful to him, he often let his jealousy get the best of him, as...

    Shortly after the Diary ended, Elizabeth and Sam traveled together to Paris with her brother Balty. In preparation for that trip Sam and his friend John Evelyn exchanged letters regarding Sam’s upcoming travels. The following three letters are excerpts from Howarth’s book, which is cited below. In his letter to Sam dated 21 August 1669, John shared...

    Letters and the Second Diary of Samuel Pepysedited by R.G. Howarth. All of the letters presented above are from Howarth’s book.
    The Diary of Samuel Pepys Companioncompiled and edited by Robert Latham

    This summary includes links to pictures provided by this site’s Glyn and Graham T. Their wonderful photography skills are very much appreciated.

  2. 30/10/2022 · Elizabeth Pepys. (1640-1669), Wife of Samuel Pepys. Later Stuart Portraits Catalogue Entry. Sitter in 4 portraits. Elizabeth de St. Michel married Samuel Pepys when she was only fourteen years of age, not an uncommon practice in the seventeenth century. Their early years together were marked by ill health and lack of money.

  3. Elizabeth Pepys. — Those who followed Mrs. Whiting’s account of Mrs. Secretary Pepys, in the December Atlantic, may like to hear something of her parentage and girlhood ; derived, not from the ...

  4. Elizabeth Pepys: Part 1 Alec Samuels 10 October 1655 Samuel Pepys married Elizabeth St Michel in a civil ceremony and 1 December 1655 at St Margaret’s Westminster in a church ceremony. They always celebrated 10 October as their wedding day. He was 22, she was 15. He was the son of a London tailor, connected though not closely to the Montagu family.

  5. Elisabeth Pepys (nee Marchant de Saint Michel; 23 de octubre de 1640 - 10 de noviembre de 1669) era la esposa de Samuel Pepys, con quien se casó en 1655, poco antes de cumplir los quince años. Su padre, Alexandre Marchant de Saint Michel, nació como católico francés, pero luego se convirtió a la Iglesia de Inglaterra.

  6. Elizabeth Pepys (née Elisabeth St Michel) (23 October 1640 - 10 November 1669) was the wife of Samuel Pepys whom she married in 1655, shortly before her 15th birthday. Her father, Alexandre de St. Michel, was born a French Catholic, but converted to the Protestant faith. He married Dorothea, the daughter of Sir Francis Kingsmill, in Ireland.