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  1. 11/06/2022 · You will have heard that his second marriage with the young Princess of Anhalt, sister of the Electress of Brandenburg and of the Princess of Montbelliard, was celebrated on the 3rd of this month. At the same time another ambassador of the King of Navarre went to the Duke of Würtemberg, where they say he has been much caressed and that the theologians there have offered of themselves to confer.

  2. 12/06/2022 · Elisabeth von Dänemark, Norwegen und Schweden Kurfürstin von Brandenburg , Prinzessin von Dänemark Geboren am 24. Juni 1485 - Schloss Nyborg Gestorben am 10. Juni 1555 - Berlin (DE) 69 Jahre alt 5 Kinder 35 Enkelkinder Ehen und Kinder Verheiratet im Jahre 1502, Stendal (DE), mit Joachim I. von Brandenburg, Kurfürst von Brandenburg, geboren am 21.

  3. 15/06/2022 · Albrecht Achilles, Kurfürst von Brandenburg 1414-1486 71 años 17 hijos Sophie 1416-1417 un año: Dorothea, Herzogin zu Mecklenburg 1420-1491 70 años 7 hijos

  4. 09/06/2022 · The electress of Brandenburg is said to be on the mending hand; and the elector's train of artillery was carryed already out of Marienburg. The Swedish troops are pretty near the town. The Swedes have taken by surprise Stoum, a certain pretty strong place by nature, and a fortress, situated about 2 miles from Marienburg, belonging to the baron of Guldenstern.

  5. 13/06/2022 · Friedrich, Markgraf von Brandenburg 1424-1463 39 jaar oud 1 kind Broers en zusters. Margarete 1384-Heinrich, Herzog von Bayern-Landshut 1386-1450 64 jaar oud

  6. 15/06/2022 · Frederick III (Danish: Frederik; 18 March 1609 – 9 February 1670) was king of Denmark and Norway from 1648 until his death in 1670. He instituted absolute monarchy in Denmark-Norway in 1660, confirmed by law in 1665 as the first in Western historiography. He was born the second-eldest son of Christian IV and Anne Catherine of Brandenburg.