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    Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל ‘Īmmānū’ēl, meaning, "God is with us"; also romanized: Emmanuel, Imanu'el; also አማኑኤል ('Amanuel') in Geʽez and Amharic, and Emmanouël or Εμμανουήλ in Koine Greek of the New Testament) is a Hebrew name that appears in the Book of Isaiah (7:14) as a sign that God will protect the House of David.

  2. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès (3 May 1748 – 20 June 1836), usually known as the abbé Sieyès (French: ), was a French Roman Catholic abbé, clergyman, and political writer who was a chief political theorist of the French Revolution (1789–1799); he also held offices in the governments of the French Consulate (1799–1804) and the First French Empire (1804–1815).

  3. 20/12/2021 · The New England Patriots' loss to Indianapolis made coach Bill Belichick so grouchy that even he felt the need to apologize for how he acted after the game

  4. Voici les tombes des personnalités les plus connues dans le cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Vous pouvez consulter leur localisation, biographie, ouvrages, ...

  5. Blücher evitou a derrota. Napoleão, porém, conseguiu o que queria: afastar os prussianos para bater os ingleses em seguida. Para não deixar que os prussianos pudessem se juntar aos ingleses na batalha seguinte, Napoleão destacou uma tropa de 30 mil homens, entregou-a ao general Emmanuel de Grouchy e ordenou que perseguisse os prussianos.

  6. Emmanuel de Grouchy, maréchal d'Empire, bevelhebber van de rechtervleugel van het Franse leger; Friedrich Balduin von Gagern. Étienne Maurice Gérard.

  7. Emmanuel de Grouchy (1766-1847), in 1831 (in 1815 al maarschalk onder Napoleon) Georges Mouton , graaf van Lobau (1770-1838), in 1831 Sylvain Charles Valée (1773-1846), in 1837