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  1. This is a list of Roman and Byzantine empresses.A Roman empress was a woman who was the wife of a Roman emperor, the ruler of the Roman Empire.. The Romans had no single term for the position: Latin and Greek titles such as augusta (Greek αὐγούστα, augoústa, the female form of the honorific augustus, a title derived from the name of the first emperor, Augustus), caesarea (Greek ...

  2. Origins. Trebizond already had a long history of autonomous rule before it became the center of a small empire in the Late Middle Ages.Due to its natural harbours, defensible topography and access to silver and copper mines, Trebizond became the pre-eminent Greek colony on the eastern Black Sea shore soon after its founding.

  3. Saints Barnabas and his nephew Sophronius were Athenians who lived on Mount Mela near Trebizond in Asia Minor. They died in the year 412. Read the Life.