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  1. Politics of England. Politics of England forms the major part of the wider politics of the United Kingdom, with England being more populous than all the other countries of the United Kingdom put together. As England is also by far the largest in terms of area and GDP, its relationship to the UK is somewhat different from that of Scotland, Wales ...

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    England umfasst den größten Teil des südlichen Abschnitts der Insel Großbritannien, grenzt im Norden an Schottland und im Westen an Wales und die Irische See. Im Osten grenzt das Land an die Nordsee, im Süden an den Ärmelkanal und im Südwesten an den Atlantik . London ist die Hauptstadt Englands und des gesamten Vereinigten Königreichs.

  3. L'Angleterre (en anglais : England / ˈ ɪ ŋ ɡ l ə n d / Écouter) est une nation constitutive du Royaume-Uni. Elle est entourée par le pays de Galles à l'ouest et l'Écosse au nord, et par la mer d'Irlande au nord-ouest, la mer Celtique au sud-ouest, la mer du Nord à l'est, et la Manche au sud, qui la sépare de l'Europe continentale.

  4. England before the English. Archaeology shows that people came to southern England long before the rest of the British Isles, probably because of the friendly climate between and during the ice ages of long ago. Julius Caesar invaded what is now England in 55 and 54 BC, as part of the Gallic War s, and was defeated.

  5. England in the Middle Ages concerns the history of England during the medieval period, from the end of the 5th century through to the start of the early modern period in 1485. When England emerged from the collapse of the Roman Empire, the economy was in tatters and many of the towns abandoned. After several centuries of Germanic immigration ...

  6. The coat of arms of England is the coat of arms historically used as arms of dominion by the monarchs of the Kingdom of England, and now used to symbolise England generally. [1] The arms were adopted c. 1200 by the Plantagenet kings and continued to be used by successive English and British monarchs; they are currently quartered with the arms ...

  7. La Iglesia de Inglaterra (en inglés, Church of England ), también llamada la Iglesia anglicana, es la Iglesia protestante mayoritaria en Inglaterra y actúa como «madre» y «primera antigüedad» de la Comunión anglicana. Es también Iglesia-miembro fundadora de la Comunión de Porvoo y origen del anglicanismo .

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