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  2. He was the eldest son and child of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim. [3] [4] His father's family was a cadet branch of the Danish royal House of Oldenburg , which was descended from Christian III and which had ruled as non-sovereign dukes in Schleswig-Holstein for eight generations.

  3. Early life. Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born the youngest of four children to Scottish parents, Henrietta (née Horne), an executive assistant to the vice-chancellor of the University of Tasmania, and Prof. John Dalgleish Donaldson, an academic and mathematics professor.

  4. Jorge V del Reino Unido (nacido como George Frederick Ernest Albert; Londres, 3 de junio de 1865-Norfolk, 20 de enero de 1936) fue el rey del Reino Unido y los Dominios Británicos de Ultramar y emperador de la India desde su ascenso al trono, el 6 de mayo de 1910, hasta su deceso, en 1936.

  5. Constantino I, rey de los helenos (en griego: Κωνσταντίνος A'; Atenas, Grecia; 2 de agosto de 1868 - Palermo, Italia; 11 de enero de 1923), fue Rey de los helenos de 1913 a 1917 y de 1920 a 1922.

  6. From 1727 to 1750 Prince Adolf Frederick was the prince-bishop of Lübeck.This meant he ruled a fief around and including Eutin.After his first cousin, Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, died in 1739, Adolf Frederick became the administrator of Holstein-Kiel during the minority of the duke's orphan son, Charles Peter Ulrich.

  7. Hesse-Kassel: Knight of the Golden Lion, 14 March 1864 Nassau : Knight of the Gold Lion of Nassau , July 1858 [13] Oldenburg : Grand Cross of the Order of Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig , with Golden Crown, 8 October 1843 ; with Swords, 31 December 1870 [14]