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  1. 12/05/2022 · El caso de Felipe de Hesse (1540) escandalizó tanto a católicos como protestantes e hizo que la causa de la Reforma cayese en descrédito. ¡Menos mal que los protestantes no creen en la...

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    Birth and regency

    Alfonso XIII was born at Royal Palace of Madrid in Madrid on 17 May 1886. He was the posthumous son of Alfonso XII of Spain, who had died in November 1885, and became King of Spain upon his birth. Just after he was born, he was carried naked to the Spanish prime minister Práxedes Mateo Sagastaon a silver tray. Five days later he was carried in a solemn court procession with a Golden Fleece round his neck and was baptised with water specially brought from the River Jordan in Palestine. The Fre...

    Engagement and marriage

    By 1905, Alfonso was looking for a suitable consort. On a state visit to the United Kingdom, he stayed in London at Buckingham Palace with King Edward VII. There he met Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, the daughter of Edward's youngest sister Princess Beatrice, and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. He found her attractive, and she returned his interest. There were obstacles to the marriage. Victoria was a Protestant, and would have to become a Catholic. Victoria's brother Leopold was...

    World War I

    During World War I, because of his family connections with both sides and the division of popular opinion, Spain remained neutral. The King established an office for assistance to prisoners of war on all sides. This office used the Spanish diplomatic and military network abroad to intercede for thousands of POWs – transmitting and receiving letters for them, and other services. The office was located in the Royal Palace. Alfonso became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic. Spain was neutr...

    In 1933, his two eldest sons, Alfonso and Jaime, renounced their claims to the defunct throne on the same day, and in 1934 his youngest son Gonzalo died. This left his third son Count Juan his only male heir. Juan later had his son crowned as King Juan Carlos I.

    Alfonso was a promoter of tourism in Spain. The need for the lodging of his wedding guests prompted the construction of the luxurious Hotel Palace in Madrid. He also supported the creation of a network of state-run lodges, paradores, in historic buildings of Spain. His fondness for the sport of football led to the patronage of several "royal" ("rea...

    Legitimate and illegitimate children

    Alfonso and his wife Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg(Ena) had seven children: 1. Alfonso, Prince of Asturias(1907–1938); 2. Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia(1908–1975); 3. Infanta Beatriz(1909–2002); 4. Infante Fernando (stillborn); 5. Infanta María Cristina(1911–1996); 6. Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona(1913–1993); 7. Infante Gonzalo(1914–1934). Alfonso also had a number of reported illegitimate children that are known, including: Roger Marie Vincent Philippe Lévêque de Vilmorin[es] (...

    Pornographic cinema

    Alfonso is occasionally referred to as "the playboy king", due in part to his promotion and collection of Spanish pornographic films, as well as his extramarital affairs. As king, Alfonso commissioned pornographic films through the Barcelona production company Royal Films, with the Count of Romanones acting as an intermediary figure between him and the company. Between forty to seventy pornographic films are said to have been shot in total (three of which have been preserved) and were screene...

    Spanish honours

    1. 1,072nd Knight of the Golden Fleece, 1886 2. Grand Cross of the Order of Charles III, with Collar, 1886 3. Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, with Collar, 1927 4. Order of Santiago 5. Order of Calatrava 6. Order of Alcántara 7. Order of Montesa 8. Maestranza de caballería(Royal Cavalry Armory) of Ronda, Sevilla, Granada, Valencia and Zaragoza 9. Founder of the Civil Order of Alfonso XII, 23 May 1902 10. Founder of the Order of Civil Merit, 25 June 1926

    Foreign honours

    In the Royal Library of Madrid, there are books containing emblems of the Spanish monarch.

    Alfonso XIII is a rare example of endogamy. In the eleventh generation he has only 111 ancestors whereas in a standard situation one expects to identify 1024 of them. Here we are with a situation of implexof 89%.

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