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  1. 04/08/1478: Piero il Gottoso: Lucrezia Tuornabuoni : Fioretta Gorini (lover) Giulio de'Medici (illegit.)

  2. He was co-ruler of Florence in the 15th century, the “golden boy” – a handsome, athletic, renowned patron of the arts. His illegitimate son by his mistress Fioretta Gorini, Giulio di Giuliano de Medici, became Pope Clement VII. He was assassinated by a rival clan on 26 April, 1478, in the Duomo of Florence, killed by a sword wound to the ...

  3. Fioretta Gorini fue la esposa de Juliano de Médici y madre de Julio de Médici, el futuro papa Clemente VII.

  4. 13 de mar. de 2015 · Perhaps she had been the courtesan Fioretta Gorini (1453-1478) of whom close to nothing is known. Perhaps Giuliano when he knew that she was pregnant commissioned the paiting to Leonardo, by then a young and brilliant painter, but then seeing that he died first and then also Fioretta disappeared, he did not deliver it.

  5. 15 de sept. de 2022 · Gorini y sus colegas del tribunal oral volverán a concentrar la atención política hacia fin de año. Antes que termine el 2022 tienen la expectativa de dar a conocer el veredicto en el juicio ...

  6. Language Label Description Also known as; English: Fioretta Gorini; del Cittadino. Italian noble (1453–1478)

  7. 14 de oct. de 2019 · Very little is known about Fioretta. Possibly a courtesan, she was the daughter of Antonio Gorini, a cuirass maker. A cuirass is a piece of armour consisting of breastplate and backplate fastened together, and it is this protective reference that Leonardo has taken for his motif on the back of the portrait painting, fastening together two sections or two branches to protect the juniper sprig.