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  2. Los diseños icónicos de Alsop, como la planta de energía de Glenwood en Yonkers, Nueva York y el centro de Sharp para el diseño para la universidad de Ontario del arte y del diseño en Toronto lo han establecido como visionario en el campo de la arquitectura. 8- Allora & Calzadilla

  3. Terminología. Los autores William Strauss y Neil Howe son ampliamente reconocidos por nombrar a los milénicos. [10] Acuñaron el término en 1987, en un momento en que los niños nacidos en 1982 iniciaban la educación preescolar y los medios de comunicación identificaron por primera vez su posible vínculo con el inminente nuevo milenio como la clase que finalizaría la educación ...

  4. Frances Daly (also called Fanny; born in September 1782; she later changed her name to Frances Bettesworth in 1806 and married Thomas Alsop in 1809; she died 2 June 1821). Jordan's work with Richard Daly helped establish her as an actress in Dublin until the two separated and she left for England.

  5. Joseph Wright Alsop V (1910–1989), journalist and syndicated newspaper columnist; Corinne Roosevelt Alsop (1912–1997), m. Percy Chubb II, grandson of the founder of Chubb Limited; Stewart Johonnot Oliver Alsop Sr. (1914–1974), American newspaper columnist and political analyst Joseph Wright Alsop VI, software executive and venture capitalist

  6. Alice's wit could have political effects on friend and foe alike. When columnist and cousin Joseph Wright Alsop V claimed that there was grass-roots support for Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, the Republican hope to defeat FDR in 1940, she said yes, "the grass roots of 10,000 country clubs."

  7. The current, and first woman, Warden is Frances Corner. In 2018, the former boiler house and public laundry of Laurie Grove Baths was refurbished and opened as Goldsmiths CCA. In August 2019, Goldsmiths announced that it would be removing all beef products from sale and would be charging a 10p levy on bottled water and single-use plastic cups.