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  1. Federico II de Brandeburgo (en alemán, Friedrich II. von Brandenburg; Tangermünde, 19 de noviembre de 1413-Neustadt an der Aisch, 10 de febrero de 1471), apodado "el de Hierro" (der Eiserne) y a veces "Diente de Hierro" (Eisenzahn), fue un príncipe elector del Margraviato de Brandeburgo desde 1440 hasta su abdicación en 1470, así como miembro de la Casa de Hohenzollern.

  2. Frederick II of Brandenburg (German: Friedrich II.) (19 November 1413 – 10 February 1471), nicknamed "the Iron" (der Eiserne) and sometimes "Irontooth" (Eisenzahn), was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg from 1440 until his abdication in 1470, and was a member of the House of Hohenzollern.

  3. On 11 June 1441, Frederick II married Catherine of Saxony (1421 – August 23, 1476), a daughter of Elector Frederick I of Saxony and Katharina of Brunswick-Lüneburg. They had four children: Dorothea of Brandenburg (c. 1446 – March, 1519), married Duke John V of Saxe-Lauenburg on 12 February 1464.

  4. Germany. In 1442 the elector Frederick II (“Iron Tooth”) crushed a federation of Brandenburg cities and deprived its leader, Berlin, of its most valued privileges. In the Franconian possessions of the dynasty, Albert Achilles of Hohenzollern waged a destructive war (1449–50) against a city league headed by Nürnberg.

  5. Frederick William, byname The Great Elector, German Der Grosse Kurfürst, (born Feb. 16, 1620, Cölln, near Berlin—died May 9, 1688, Potsdam, near Berlin), elector of Brandenburg (1640–88), who restored the Hohenzollern dominions after the devastations of the Thirty Years’ War—centralizing the political administration, reorganizing the state finances, rebuilding towns and cities ...

  6. On June 11, 1446, in Wittenberg, Frederick II married Catherine of Saxony, the daughter of the Elector of Saxony, Frederick I. They were born: Dorothea (1446–1519), married to Duke Johann IV of Saxe-Lauenburg (1439–1507)

  7. Joachim Frederick was born in Cölln to John George, Elector of Brandenburg, and Sophie of Legnica. He served as administrator of the Archbishopric of Magdeburg from 1566 to 1598, then succeeded his father as Elector of Brandenburg in 1598. Joachim Frederick was succeeded at his death by his son John Sigismund. Joachim Frederick's first ...