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  1. Frederick William, Prince von Hessenstein (17 March 1735, Stockholm — 27 July 1808, Panker ), was a Swedish statesman and a soldier of German ancestry. Early life. He was the eldest extramarital son of King Frederick I of Sweden, member of the House of Hesse, and his royal mistress Hedvig Ulrika Taube. [1] [2] Biography.

  2. Frederick William, Prince von Hessenstein (17 de marzo de 1735, Estocolmo - 27 de julio de 1808, Panker), fue un soldado y estadista sueco. Era un hijo extramatrimonial del rey Federico I de Suecia y su amante real Hedvig Taube. Biografía. El rey Gustavo III lo trató con gran respeto.

  3. Frederick William von Hessenstein. Swedish prince. As an extramarital son of King Frederick, he became a Swedish count in 1742 and had received the title of Imperial Count the previous year. Through his mother's elevation in 1743 and his father's position not only as King of Sweden, but also as Landgrave of Hesse, he also became a Prince of the ...

  4. Portrait of Frederick William, Prince von Hessenstein, the first titleholder. The Lord of the Realm (Swedish: En av rikets herrar, lit. 'one of the lords of the realm') was a title of honour introduced by Gustavus III, King of Sweden shortly after his coup and the newly passed constitution.

  5. Frederick I had three extramarital children with his mistress Hedvig Taube: Frederick William von Hessenstein (1735–1808). Charles Edward von Hessenstein (1737–1769). Hedwig Amalia von Hessenstein (1743–1752).

  6. Frederick William, Prince von Hessenstein (26 November 1735, Panker - 17 April 1808, Paris), was a Swedish soldier and statesman. He was an extramarital son of King Frederick of Sweden and his mistress Hedvig Taube.[1] King Gustav III, treated him with great respect. He was appointed Field...

  7. Fredrik (given name) Vilhelm (given name) 1735 births. 1808 deaths. Recipients of the Order of the Seraphim. Commanders Grand Cross of the Order of the Sword. Recipients of the Pour le Mérite (military class) Field Marshals of Sweden. House of Hesse-Cassel in Sweden. Extramarital offspring of Swedish royalty. Counts from Sweden.