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  1. Frederick William was born in Potsdam on 3 August 1770 as the son of Frederick William II of Prussia and Frederica Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt.He was considered to be a shy and reserved boy, which became noticeable in his particularly reticent conversations, distinguished by the lack of personal pronouns.

  2. Slawentzitz, 27 December 1865 – d. Dresden, 13 June 1940), who was the second wife of Wilhelm, Count of Hohenau (himself a son of Prince Albert of Prussia; Prince Maximilian of Baden (8 December 1796 – 6 March 1882). By 1817, the descendants of Charles Frederick by his first wife were dying out.

  3. married Prince Frederick of the Netherlands, had issue. Prince Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht: 4 October 1809: 14 October 1872: married Princess Marianne of the Netherlands and had issue. Married secondly to Rosalie von Rauch, Countess of Hohenau, daughter of Gustav von Rauch, had issue.

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  5. 23/04/2011 · She married DUKE FREDERICK WILLIAM OF SCHLESWIG- 1810. He was born 1785, and died 1831. Child of LOUISE and FREDERICK is: 168. i. KING OF DENMARK CHRISTIAN IX 32, b. April 8, 1818, Gottorp; d. January 29, 1906, Amalienborg. 154. KING OF PRUSSIA FREDERICK WILLIAM III was born 1770 in Potsdam, Germany, and died 1840.

  6. The custody of Charlotte and her two surviving siblings Albert and Alexandrine was given to their father; however, their childless aunt Queen Elisabeth Ludovika took care of them, moreover after Prince Albert's second and morganatic marriage in 1853 with Rosalie von Rauch, who bore him two sons, Count William and Count Frederick of Hohenau.

  7. Serbia boasts a long culinary tradition that is based on the use of top-quality ingredients full of flavor. Thanks to its favorable climate, fertile soil and many rivers and streams, the country has developed extensive agricultural production, including the raising of livestock and cultivation of crops such as maize, wheat, sunflowers, sugar beet, soya, potatoes, apples, plums and grapes.