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  1. 07/09/2022 · Bessel function, also called cylinder function, any of a set of mathematical functions systematically derived around 1817 by the German astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel during an investigation of solutions of one of Kepler’s equations of planetary motion. Particular functions of the set had been formulated earlier by the Swiss mathematicians Daniel Bernoulli, who studied the oscillations ...

  2. These linear combinations are also known as Bessel functions of the third kind; they are two linearly independent solutions of Bessel's differential equation. They are named after Hermann Hankel . These forms of linear combination satisfy numerous simple-looking properties, like asymptotic formulae or integral representations.

  3. Die Lösungen der Besselschen Differentialgleichung heißen Bessel-Funktionen.Sie spielen eine wichtige Rolle in der Physik, da die Besselsche Differentialgleichung den radialen Anteil der Laplace-Gleichung bei zylindrischer Symmetrie darstellt.

  4. Bessel functions are named for Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (1784 - 1846), however, Daniel Bernoulli is generally credited with being the first to introduce the concept of Bessels func-tions in 1732. He used the function of zero order as a solution to the problem of an oscillating chain suspended at one end.

  5. Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (de) Arthur Auwers (éditeur), Briefwechsel zwischen Gauss und Bessel, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig, 1880 ; texte sur IA. Wolfgang Bolyai (de) Franz Schmidt, Paul Stäckel (éditeurs): Briefwechsel zwischen Carl Friedrich Gauss und Wolfgang Bolyai, B. G. Teubner, Leipzig, 1899 ; texte sur IA. Christian Ludwig Gerling

  6. 23/02/2012 · Biography At the age of seven, Carl Friedrich Gauss started elementary school, and his potential was noticed almost immediately. His teacher, Büttner, and his assistant, Martin Bartels, were amazed when Gauss summed the integers from 1 to 100 instantly by spotting that the sum was 50 pairs of numbers each pair summing to 101.

  7. Carl Friedrich kam am 30. April 1777 als Sohn der Eheleute Gauß in Braunschweig zur Welt. Sein Geburtshaus am Wendengraben in der Wilhelmstraße 30 – in dessen Erdgeschoss später das Gauß-Museum eingerichtet wurde – überstand den Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht.