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  1. Hace 1 día · Transgender rights in the United Kingdom have varied significantly over time, with transgender Britons facing many issues not experienced by non-trans individuals. These include various laws and public attitudes in regards to identity documents, as well as anti-discrimination measures used by or pertaining to transgender people, in the areas of employment, education, housing and social ...

  2. Hace 1 día · Since the establishment of regular parliamentary government at the end of the 17th century and the creation of the United Kingdom Parliament in 1801, possibly the longest gap between sitting was faced by Henry Drummond (1786–1860), of nearly 35 years between the dissolution of his first parliament on 29 September 1812 and returning to his next at the general election held in July–August 1847.

  3. Hace 2 días · British literature is from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. This article covers British literature in the English language . Anglo-Saxon ( Old English ) literature is included, and there is some discussion of Latin and Anglo-Norman literature, where literature in these languages relate to the early development of the English ...

  4. Hace 1 día · 32 cities have a Lord Provost (in Scotland) or a Lord Mayor (in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland), see List of lord mayoralties and lord provostships in the United Kingdom. The six cities where the Lord Mayor or Lord Provost has the right to the style The Right Honourable are York, the City of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow (since 1912), Belfast (since 1923), and Cardiff (since 1956).

  5. Hace 1 día · The 2024 general election was held on 4 July 2024. 57 Scottish Westminster seats were contested. The election saw a resurgence of Labour within Scotland, with the party winning 37 seats, an increase of 36 from the previous election. The Liberal Democrats also saw gains, increasing their Scottish representation in Parliament from two seats to six.

  6. Hace 1 día · The Conservative and Unionist Party, commonly the Conservative Party and colloquially known as the Tories, [17] is one of the two main political parties in the United Kingdom, along with the Labour Party. It has been the Official Opposition since being defeated in the 2024 general election.

  7. Hace 1 día · Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, the next general election was scheduled to be held no later than 5 May 2022, and it was accelerated from that timetable by the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019, meaning polling day fell on 12 December 2019.