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  1. Gentlemen’s Agreement, (1907), U.S.-Japanese understanding in which Japan agreed not to issue passports to emigrants to the United States, except to certain categories of business and professional men. In return, U.S. Pres. Theodore Roosevelt agreed to urge the city of San Francisco to rescind an order by which children of Japanese parents were segregated from white students in the schools ...

  2. The meaning of GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT is an agreement secured only by the honor of the participants.

  3. a gentlemen's agreement. A gentleman's agreement or a gentlemen's agreement is an informal agreement that is not written down but in which people trust one another to do what they have promised. We had no contract; it was done by a gentleman's agreement. I'm hoping we can come to a gentlemen's agreement, Colonel. See also: agreement.

  4. 25/07/2016 · What is a Gentleman’s Agreement? “ A gentleman’s agreement is an agreement which is not an agreement, made between two people neither of whom are gentlemen, whereby each expects the other to be strictly bound without himself being bound at all. ” – Sir Harry Vaisey. Despite Judge Vaisey’s cynical description of such an agreement ...

  5. 04/04/2012 · The Gentleman’s Agreement with France was signed off by Anthony Rawsthorne, the then Assistant Under Secretary of State for the then Immigration and Nationality Department, ...

  6. A gentleman's agreement is enforceable as a verbal contract when it meets all of the traditional elements required in contract formation. If you can prove an offer was made, the offer was accepted, consideration was exchanged and both parties had the intention to enter into a legally binding contract, your gentleman's agreement can be upheld in court.

  7. Gentleman's agreement. synonyms, Gentleman's agreement. pronunciation, Gentleman's agreement. translation, English dictionary definition of Gentleman's agreement.. or gen·tle·men's agreement n. An agreement guaranteed only by the pledged word or unspoken understanding of the parties.

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