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  1. hace 2 días · James VII and II (14 October 1633 O.S. – 16 September 1701) [a] was King of England and Ireland as James II, and King of Scotland as James VII [4] from the death of his elder brother, Charles II, on 6 February 1685. He was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. He was the last Catholic monarch of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

  2. Hace 11 horas · Das Vereinigte Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland (englisch United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? / i), kurz Vereinigtes Königreich (englisch United Kingdom? / i [juːˌnaɪ̯.tʰɪd ˈkʰɪŋ.dəm], internationale Abkürzung: UK), ist ein auf den Britischen Inseln vor der Nordwestküste Kontinentaleuropas gelegener europäischer Staat und bildet den größten ...

  3. hace 6 días · Elizabeth II (born 21 April 1926) has held numerous titles and honours, both during and before her time as monarch of each of her Commonwealth realms.Each is listed below; where two dates are shown, the first indicates the date of receiving the title or award (the title as Princess Elizabeth of York being given as from her birth), and the second indicates the date of its loss or renunciation.

  4. 20/06/2022 · The Civil War was America's bloodiest and most divisive conflict, pitting the Union Army against the Confederate States of America. The war resulted in the deaths of more than 620,000 people, with...

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    22/06/2022 · During its final week the English were pursued by a much larger French army under King John II that failed to force them to battle.","extract_html":" Lancaster's chevauchée of 1356 in Normandy was an English offensive directed by Henry, Earl of Lancaster, in northern France during 1356, as a part of the Hundred Years' War.

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    24/06/2022 · New questions are added and answers are changed Do you think that your parents love you through whatever? Take this 'Do my parents love me' quiz and we will help you test how correct the answer you gave is My daughter was molested by my ex husband her step-father he raised her since she was 2 years old and about the age of 7 I noticed something add with my daughters behavior after she had sat ...