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  1. Hace 11 horas · Ghislaine Dommanget: französische Schauspielerin und Fürstin von Monaco 90 30. April Tatul Krpejan: armenischer Kommandeur 26 30. April Maria Mechelen: deutsche Benediktineroblatin und Sozialarbeiterin 88 30. April Roy Seawright: US-amerikanischer Spezialeffektkünstler 85 April Jack Asher: britischer Kameramann 75 April Farah Mohamed Jama Awl

  2. Hace 2 días · The United Nations headquarters has been situated along the East River in Midtown Manhattan since 1952; in 1945, the United States was a founding member of the UN. The United States has an established structure of foreign relations, and it has the world's second-largest diplomatic corps as of 2024.

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  4. Hace 4 días · The New Encyclopedia Britannica by Encyclopaedia Britannica (Compiled by) Call Number: AE5 .E363 2010. ISBN: 9781593398378. Publication Date: 2009-09-01. Almost every student, faculty member, and librarian knows from experience how valuable Wikipedia can actually be when looking for quick background information about almost any topic.

  5. Hace 5 días · Failed Fact Checks. None in the Last 5 years; however, some entries are not complete or may be inaccurate, as stated by Wikipedia. Overall, we rate Wikipedia Least Biased based on a wide variety of content that often covers pros and cons, right and left.

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    Hace 4 días · Eesti Vabariik on riik Põhja-Euroopas. Eesti piirneb põhjas üle Soome lahe Soomega, läänes üle Läänemere Rootsiga, lõunas Lätiga ja idas Venemaaga . Eesti pindala on 45 335 km², [5] [6] koos merealaga 70 177 km².

  7. Hace 2 días · 巴勒斯坦國 (阿拉伯语: دولة فلسطين ‎),通稱 巴勒斯坦 (阿拉伯语: فلسطين ‎),位於 西亞 西部的 巴勒斯坦地區 ,目前由 約旦河西岸 和 加沙地帶 這兩塊 阿拉伯人 聚居地所組成,是一個 有限承認國家 ,主張首都為 東耶路撒冷 ,政府所在地為 拉姆安拉 。 巴勒斯坦地區自中世紀以來由 鄂圖曼帝國 統治,一戰終結帝國 解體 後由 國際聯盟 交予英國 治理 ,期間歐洲、中東及北非的猶太社群陸續遷至英屬巴勒斯坦託管地,這引發了當地阿族的抗爭與起事,而二戰後英國欲結束託管, 聯合國 通過 分治 方案,主張按分佈與比例分別建立猶太與阿拉伯國家各一。