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    Gleb Yurievich ( Russian: Глеб Юрьевич, Ukrainian: Гліб Юрійович) (died 1171), Prince of Kursk (1147), Kanev (1149), Pereyaslavl (1155–1169) and Grand Prince of Kiev ( Kyiv, 1169-1170, 1170–1171). He was a son of Yuri Dolgorukiy . In popular culture [ edit] He appears in Louis L'Amour 's historical novel The Walking Drum .

  2. The prince is discovered still breathing in a bodybag being transported to Kiev, but the Varangians end his life with the thrust of a sword. Sent for by Sviatopolk, Gleb believes his father is still alive and rushes to his father's deathbed. On the way, their brother Yaroslav learns of Sviatopolk's treachery and urges Gleb not to meet him.

    • Biography
    • The Reign in Pereyaslavl and Kiev
    • Death
    • Family and Children
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    Participation in the struggle against Izyaslav Mstislavich

    Gleb Yuryevich was first mentioned in the annals in 1147. This year on February 24, his brother Ivan Yuryevich Princes of Kursk died in Koltetsk. Gleb and his brother Boris sent the body of their brother to Suzdal. In 1147, together with his father Yuri Dolgoruky, Gleb spoke against the Grand Prince of Kiev Izyaslav Mstislavich, who was Gleb's cousin. In the summer of this year, Yuri Dolgoruky sent Gleb to help the Prince of Chernigov Svyatoslav Olegovich. At the end of the summer or in the a...

    Having received Pereyaslavl in 1155 from his father, he was able to stay there even after Yuri Dolgoruky's death. In the years 1157 - 1161 he acted in alliance with his father-in-law Izyaslav Davydovich against Mstislavich. In 1169, after the capture of Kiev by the troops of Andrei of Bogolyubovo, he took the Kiev throne, leaving Pereyaslavl to his...

    Presumably, Gleb was poisoned by the people of Kiev, like his father. Andrei of Bogolyubovo demanded that his successor, Roman Rostislavich, investigate and extradite suspects guilty of poisoning. The date of his death differs in different chronicles.

    Wife : the first wife died in 1154 .daughter of Izyaslav Davydovich of Chernigov (the wedding was held in 1155/56).Children : 1. Vladimir Glebovich of Pereyaslavl(1157-1187) 2. Izyaslav Glebovich(c1160-1183) 3. Olga Glebovna (c1162-c1195) married Vsevolod Svyatoslavich pf Kursk

    В. Корсакова. Глеб Юрьевич (князь, сын Юрия Долгорукого) // Русский биографический словарь : в 25 томах. — СПб.—М., 1896—1918.
    Раздорский А. И. Князья, наместники и воеводы Курского края XI-XVIII вв. — Курск: Регион-Пресс, 2004. — 125 с. — ISBN 5-86354-067-2.
  3. Gleb acknowledged the rule of Mstislav Romanovich in Kiev and renounced any claim to the town during his lifetime. [1] Gleb was last mentioned under 1215 when his daughter married Vladimir Glebovich of Pereyaslavl. [1] Consequently, Gleb died between that event and 1220 when his brother, Mstislav commanded a campaign as prince of Chernigov. [1]

  4. Boris and Gleb were the first saints of Kievan Rus after the Baptism of Rus by Saint Vladimir, the grand prince of Kiev who converted the land to Christianity in 988. According to 11th century book the Lives of Boris and Gleb (by Nestor the Chronicler and Jacob the Monk), they were children of Vladimir the Great, who loved them more than his other children.

  5. Gleb Vseslavich ( Belarusian: Глеб Усяславіч, Russian: Глеб Всеславич) (died September 13, 1119) was the prince of Minsk between 1101 and 1119. During his reign Minsk was at war with Kiev and Polatsk. He started the Minsk branch of Prince of Polotsk as son of Vseslav the Seer . In 1104 his city of Minsk was under siege from the voivode Putiata, ...