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  1. Grace Dalrymple Elliott (Edimburgo, 1754 - Ville-d'Avray, 16 de mayo de 1823) fue una cortesana y espía escocesa residente en París durante la Revolución francesa.

  2. Grace Dalrymple Elliott (c. 1754 – 16 May 1823) was a Scottish courtesan, writer and spy resident in Paris during the French Revolution. She was an eyewitness to events detailed in her memoirs, Journal of my life during the French Revolution (Ma Vie sous la Révolution) published posthumously in 1859.

  3. 16 de dic. de 2014 · Lady Grace Dalrymple Elliott (c. 1754-1823) ha pasado a la Historia por ser la autora de una crónica autobiográfica sobre los años de la Revolución Francesa titulada Ma vie sous la revolution...

  4. Nevertheless, the tale of Grace Elliott, who died in this week in 1823, is well worth telling simply because she was one of the most fascinating women of her time, and who survived the Reign of Terror in France after the Revolution.

  5. 1 de dic. de 2022 · Grace fue una cortesana y espía escocesa que vivió en primera persona el horror de la revolución francesa, siendo especialmente conocida por escribir sus memorias donde relató todas sus ...

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  6. 13 de sept. de 2016 · The infamous eighteenth-century courtesan Grace Dalrymple Elliott’s birth has not been recorded, but she was certainly born in Scotland, most likely in Edinburgh around 1754.

  7. 12 de may. de 2017 · In 1789, the French Revolution broke out when the Bastille was stormed on 14 July, and a few days later, Grace Dalrymple Elliott found herself in danger. Joseph Foullon de Doué (an unpopular French politician and a Controller-General of Finances under Louis XVI) had been murdered by revolutionaries on the 22nd of July.