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  1. Gustavus Adolphus of the Palatinate ( Prince Palatine Gustavus Adolphus; 14 January 1632 – 9 January 1641), was the last son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine (of the House of Wittelsbach ), the "Winter King" of Bohemia, by his consort, the British princess Elizabeth Stuart.

  2. Gustavus Adolphus (9 December [N.S 19 December] 1594 – 6 November [N.S 16 November] 1632), also known in English as Gustav II Adolf or Gustav II Adolph, was King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632, and is credited with the rise of Sweden as a great European power (Swedish: Stormaktstiden).

  3. Gustavus Adolphus of the Palatinate, was the last son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, the "Winter King" of Bohemia, by his consort, the English princess Elizabeth Stuart. Background Gustavus was born up in the Dutch Republic, where her family had sought refuge after the sequestration of their Electorate during the Thirty Years" War.

  4. Gustavus Adolphus of The Palatinate was born on January 14 1632, in The Hague, to Frederick V, Elector Palatine. Gustavus of Bohemia, died 1641 Gustavus of Bohemia 1641 Gustavus of Bohemia was born to Frederick V of Palatinate and Elizabeth Palatinate (born Stuart) .

  5. On March 19, 1631, Tilly left Frankfurt an der Oder with his army and headed for the duchy's border. Tilly ruthlessly captured and sacked the rebellious town of Neubrandenburg, while Gustavus Adolphus avoided two direct confrontations with Tilly's army and instead captured the town of Demmin.

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