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  1. Haakon was portrayed by Jakob Cedergren in the 2009 NRK drama series Harry & Charles, a series that focused on the events leading up to the election of King Haakon in 1905. Jesper Christensen portrayed the King in the 2016 film The King's Choice ( Kongens nei ) which was based on the events surrounding the German invasion of Norway and the King's decision to resist.

  2. Most information about Magnus is gleaned from Norse sagas and chronicles, which began appearing during the 12th century. The most important sources still available are the Norwegian chronicles Historia de Antiquitate Regum Norwagiensium by Theodoric the Monk and the anonymous Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum (or simply Ágrip) from the 1180s and the Icelandic sagas Heimskringla (by Snorri ...

  3. Erico Hacha Sangrienta siguió a su padre en el trono, pero cuando su medio hermano Haakon el Bueno llegó a Noruega desde Inglaterra, Erik huyó del país. El rey Athelstan de Inglaterra entregó Nordimbraland ( Northumberland ) como un feudo a Haakon y lo instaló en Jorvik ( York ) pero el hermano de Athelstan, Edmundo I el Magnífico , lo expulsó por las incursiones que realizó en ...

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    Magnus V Erlingsson (Old Norse: Magnús Erlingsson, 1156 – 15 June 1184) was a king of Norway during the civil war era in Norway. He was the first Scandinavian monarch to be crowned in Scandinavia. He helped to establish primogeniture in royal succession in Norway.

  5. 11/10/2022 · Harald de Noruega es el hijo menor Olaf V y Marta de Suecia. Con su nacimiento se convirtió en el primer príncipe que había venido al mundo en Noruega desde Olaf IV en 1370.

  6. In 1343 Magnus had to abdicate as King of Norway in favour of his younger son, Haakon VI of Norway. The oldest son, Eric , was explicitly removed from the future line of succession of Norway. Traditionally Norwegian historians have interpreted this clear break with previous successions as stemming from dissatisfaction among the Norwegian nobility with Norway's junior position in the union.

  7. Norwegian royal families are the families of either previous or present Norwegian monarchs.The current family who holds the throne are members of the House of Glücksburg and ascended the throne after the election of Prince Carl (regal name Haakon VII) during the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union in 1905.