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  1. Maria Argyre ∞ Giovanni Orseolo duke of Dalmatia: Basil Argyros general of Samos: 1.Romanos III Argyros emperor of the Romans 1028–1034: Zoë Porphyrogenita empress of the Romans 1028–1050 ∞ 2.Michael IV the Paphlagonian emperor of the Romans 1034–1041: 3.Constantine IX Monomachos emperor of the Romans 1042–1055: Helena Skleraina ...

  2. Helena Argyre 1032 Kutaisi no children Borena of Alania Between 1033 and 1040 three children His mother, while regent, negotiated a peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire, and returned with the high Byzantine title of curopalates for Bagrat in 1032. Bagrat had the opposition of: Demetrius of Anacopia (დემეტრე) (1027–42)