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  1. 14 de enero: Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, político británico, Gobernador general de Canadá, Virrey de la India, Secretario de Guerra y de Asuntos Exteriores (f. 1927). 17 de enero: Manuel Lisandro Barillas, militar y político guatemalteco, presidente de la República de Guatemala (f. 1907).

  2. The Most Hon. Henry Vivien Pierpont Conyngham, 8th Marquess Conyngham (born 25 May 1951), styled as Viscount Slane until 1974 and as Earl of Mount Charles from 1974 until 2009 and predominantly known as Lord Mount Charles, is an Anglo-Irish nobleman who is best known for the rock concerts that he organises at his home Slane Castle, and for his column in the Irish Daily Mirror under the byline ...

  3. 02/12/2022 · The UK Parliament has two Houses that work on behalf of UK citizens to check and challenge the work of Government, make and shape effective laws, and debate/make decisions on the big issues of the day.

  4. Henry is a masculine given name derived from Old French Henri / Henry, itself derived from the Old Frankish name Heimeric, from Common Germanic *Haimarīks (from *haima-"home" and *rīk-"ruler"). [1] [2] In Old High German , the name was conflated with the name Haginrich (from hagin "enclosure" and rich "ruler") to form Heinrich .

  5. Biografia Gli anni giovanili. Wellington nacque con il nome di Arthur Wesley a Dublino, presso la tenuta di Mornington House, o nella residenza familiare di Dungan Castle, vicino a Trim, contea di Meath, da una famiglia protestante della piccola nobiltà, di lontane radici inglesi.

  6. Henry VI (1470–1471) Thomas Thwaites Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: c. April 1471 c. April 1483 Edward IV (1471–1483) William Catesby Speaker of the House of Commons: c. April 1483 c. 1484: Edward V ; Richard III (1483–1485) Thomas Lovell Speaker of the House of Commons: c. August 1485 1524 Henry VII (1485–1509) Henry VIII

  7. The 8 by 5 feet (2.4 by 1.5 m) portrait was given as a gift to British Prime Minister William Petty FitzMaurice. FitzMaurice was the 2nd Earl of Shelburne, and later became the first Marquess of Lansdowne (hence the name of the portrait). Lansdowne died in 1805, and in 1890 the painting was purchased by the 5th Earl of Rosebery.