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  1. hace 6 días · The Holstein-Gottorps of Russia retained the Romanov surname, emphasizing their matrilineal descent from Peter the Great, through Anna Petrovna (Peter I's elder daughter by his second wife). In 1742, Empress Elizabeth of Russia brought Anna's son, her nephew Peter of Holstein-Gottorp, to St. Petersburg and proclaimed him her heir.

  2. Hace 1 día · Helena Romanowa (1784–1803), Großfürstin aus dem Haus Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp, zweite Tochter von Zar Paul I. Fjodor Kowschenkow (1785–1850), Bildhauer Paul von Württemberg (1785–1852), Prinz aus dem Haus Württemberg, Großvater des Königs Wilhelm II. von Württemberg Alexander Bodisko (1786–1854), Diplomat und Botschafter in den USA

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    Nacque a Jēkabpils (Jacobstadt) in Lettonia. Il suo nome di nascita era Marta Elena Skowrońska ed era figlia di Samuelis Skowroński, un contadino lituano. A 17 anni andò in sposa a un dragone trombettista svedese di nome Johann Kruse o Johann Rabe e trovò lavoro, come domestica, presso il pastore Ernst Glück a Alūksne (Marienburg); nel 1702 questi ...

    Caterina e Pietro si sposarono in segreto tra il 23 ottobre e il 1º dicembre 1707 a San Pietroburgo. Essi ebbero tredici figli, di cui solo due figlie raggiunsero l'età adulta, Elisabetta (nata nel 1709) e Anna (nata nel 1708). Pietro trasferì la capitale della Russia a San Pietroburgo nel 1712. Mentre la città era in costruzione (1703-1712) lo zar...

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    Her older sister was Princess Nina Georgievna, born in 1901. She and her sister left Russia in 1914 to spend the war years in England with their mother. In 1919, her father, his brother, Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich, and their cousin, Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, were executed by a Bolshevik firing squad in St. Petersburg.

    In the summer of 1927, Xenia involved herself in the Anna Anderson/Anastasia Tchaikovsky affair by telephoning Gleb Botkin (son of imperial physician Eugene Botkin, who had been murdered along with the former tsar and his family in 1918) with an invitation for Anna to live as a guest at Kenwood. Xenia explains her hospitality: "I had heard that Bot...

    Xenia married twice, both times with men of unequal birth, first to William Bateman Leeds (19 September 1902 - 31 December 1971) at the age of eighteen, the son and heir of the American tin magnate. William was also the stepson of Xenia's maternal uncle Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark. They wed in Paris on 9 October 1921. Theirs was seen a...

    Princess Xenia Georgievna Romanova Leeds Jud died on 17 September 1965, aged 62, survived by her second husband and by her daughter, Nancy Leeds Wynkoop, and by granddaughter Alexandra. Nancy Helen Marie Leeds Wynkoop died in Woodstock, Vermont on 7 June 2006, aged 81, survived by her husband Edward Judson Wynkoop, Jr. and their daughter Alexandra ...

  3. 23/05/2022 · The war started when an alliance of Denmark-Norway, Saxony and Russia declared war on the Swedish Empire, launching a threefold attack at Swedish Holstein-Gottorp, Swedish Livonia, and Swedish Ingria, sensing an opportunity as Sweden was ruled by the young Charles XII, who was eighteen years old and inexperienced.

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    26/05/2022 · Jump search Historical empire Eurasia and North America from 1721 parser output .hatnote font style italic .mw parser output div.hatnote padding left 1.6em margin bottom 0.5em .mw parser output .hatnote font style normal .mw...

  5. 24/05/2022 · May 24, 2022. 基督教阿尔布雷希茨大学(Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)是位于德国石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因州基尔市的一所大学。. 该大学的名字是指其创始人,石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因-戈托普的杜克·克里斯蒂安·阿尔布雷希特 (Duke Christian Albrecht)。.